Sunday, June 16, 2024

Chris Brown Briefly Spotted Out of the House During Police Standoff Following Domestic Dispute

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*Chris Brown walked out of his house this afternoon at the request of police officers, who have been at his Tarzana home since 3 a.m., shortly after a woman called 911 to say he pulled a gun on her. But about 30 minutes later, Brown was allowed back inside.

As previously reported, police sources said cops saw Brown throw a duffel bag out the window while taunting them, saying “Come and get me.” Two sources said the duffel bag contained at least one gun, other weapons and drugs, TMZ reported.

Without a warrant, police were forced to stand outside and request that he come out. While they were waiting, Brown posted three videos to Instagram about the situation, complaining that cops regularly harass him.

“I’m innocent, f*** everybody. I’m tired of this s**t,” he said in one of the clips.

At 2:30 p.m. local time, Chris finally emerged from the house sporting a red cap, TMZ reported. He was not in handcuffs, and Chris “looks totally relaxed and chill about the situation.”

But then at around 3:04 p.m., he walked back inside.

Watch TMZ’s live stream of the house below:

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