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Chili’s Regrets Taking Back Black Veteran’s Free Meal after Video Goes Viral (Watch)

Ernest Walker (R) and the Chili's manager (L) who questioned his military service
Ernest Walker (R) and the Chili’s manager (L) who questioned his military service

*Chili’s restaurant offers free meals to military veterans on Veterans Day as a thank you for their service, but an African American vet in Texas was not extended this courtesy. Instead his service was met with doubt and suspicion.

While visiting a Chili’s in Cedar Hills, Texas, U.S. Army Veteran Ernest Walker was approached by the manager and had his military service questioned, even though he had his military ID with him.

At one point, he had his meal snatched away from him as well.

Walker recorded the encounter and posted it to Facebook. He wrote:

“I went there to get a Veterans meal and all was good. I had my service dog with me because I am on Dialysis and he monitors my BP. I ordered the waitress was wonderful. It took about 35 mins for meal to come. So when it arrived I gave her a Tip as asked for a take out. She said sure, at that point a old white guy wearing a Trump flag shirt walked buy me on hi way to the bath room. He came back and asked me what unit did i serve in the 24th. I said no the 25th. He said he was in world war 2 in Germany and we did not see people like you over there. They would no allow blacks. I just listened he left then came back to bathroom again and pet my dog. So waitress put food in container. Then the manager comes and says some guests at the restaurant say that you’re not a real Soldier. I reply what are you serious what guest. The manager Wesly Patrick said can I see military ID. I felt that was reasonable I most people ask for that so I showed him my ID it checked out. At that point all he should have said was ‘Sir I am sorry Thank you for your service and I would have left. But instead he says ‘ the guest also says that your service dog is not a service dog. Now that’s when i got upset and started Recording so see for yourself what happened.”

Watch below:

Once the video went viral, Chili’s responded with a statement:

“We are aware of the situation that happened at our Chili’s Cedar Hills location yesterday. Our goal is to make every guest feel special. Unfortunately, we fell short on a day we strive to honor our Veterans and active military for their service. We have escalated this to the highest levels of our company.”

Watch the story here via CBS DFW:

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