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Chicago Cops Release Video Linked to Fatal Shooting of Paul O’Neal (Watch)


Paul O'Neal
Paul O’Neal

*Video in connection with the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by Chicago police was released today by the Independent Police Review Authority and described by the Chicago PD as a violation of procedure.

The actual shooting of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal, which occurred on July 28, is not seen in the footage because the officer’s body camera didn’t record the moment he opened fire. However, police say the officer who shot O’Neal in the back violated protocol.

Paul O'Neal police shooting - bodycam video 1 (Officer fires at the car after it has driven past him.)
Paul O’Neal police shooting – bodycam video 1 (Officer fires at the car after it has driven past him.)

In the video, a Chicago police officer is seen shooting at a black Jaguar as it races down a residential street. The car crashes and the driver takes off running. Officers chase him into an alley between brick houses. Then multiple shots are heard.

“Bitch ass mother***er,” the Chicago police officer says as O’Neal lays motionless on the ground in the video.

“Get your hands behind your back. F***ing shoot at us…”

paul o'neal
Paul O’Neal after being shot by Chicago police

In fact, O’Neal never shot at police, as he was unarmed. The bullets came from multiple officers who were shooting at the teen as he fled through the city’s South Shore neighborhood.

“They shot at us too, right?” an officer asks after as O’Neal lays bleeding from a gunshot wound to the back in the driveway of a home.

“I shot at the car after it almost hit you,” an officer replied. “Dude, I heard shots and f***ing shot at him.”


O’Neal, who had rammed a Chicago police squad car just before he was killed, is black; several of the officers who opened fire that day are white. One appears to be Hispanic.

The video footage released today prompted Chicago police to warn of “civil unrest” and potential violence against cops.

Watch below:

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