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Black Boys the Focus Of Verizon’s New Outreach Program

Black Boys*Verizon is hoping to change the narrative of young black males in America by unveiling its Innovative Learning program for Minority Males at the 2016 Essence Festival.

During a dinner at New Orleans famed Dooky Chase restaurant, Verizon’s Vice President of Customer Care Kwame Trotman along with singer-songwriter Kelly Rowland spoke about the initiative and why it’s needed.

“When you think about the Verizon Innovative Learning Program for minority males, that’s an opportunity for us to actually touch young youth, right? And we have a great representation in the back room, ” Trotman said pointing to a few students from the program who were also at the restaurant.

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The initiative is a two-year program that gives middle-school boys access to high-grade technology, which will allow them the opportunity to learn coding, robotics, 3D design, and STEM.

Vibe reports that the colleges participating in the Verizon Innovative Learning Program are: Clark Atlanta University, University of the District of Columbia in Washington, D.C, Delaware State University, Texas Southern University, and Trotman’s alma matter Hampton University.

Kelly Rowland praised Verizon for their bold step to invest in black boys, and she also offered some sound advice to the young men in attendance.

“Looking at these gentlemen, I do see my son and I just pray they make great decisions. I pray you always listen and that you take in your surroundings. It’s fun listening to “Panda” but “Panda” can’t get you your education. “Panda” can’t help you in school, “Panda” is like all those things, like I said we love “Panda” I get it but just make sure you have your priorities. If you have your goals, write those down. And put them right in front of you everyday. That way you don’t lose thought and you don’t lose sight of what exactly it is that you want.”

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