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Alton Sterling Family Attorney Thanks Technology Companies at Press Conference

*The attorney for the family of Alton Sterling – who was shot and killed by Baton Rouge, LA police Tuesday night – took the time to thank technology companies who, in his opinion, have given the public the power to record news events as they happen.

“Thank god for Apple, thank god for Google, Thank god for Microsoft. Because, if not for them, maybe we wouldn’t be here today,” Edmond Jordan said before explaining that the only video that’s been seen is from witnesses.

The shooting sparked outrage as the news of Sterling’s death, as well as graphic video, spread online shortly after the incident. His name was the top-trending topic in the United States on Twitter Wednesday morning, reports TheWrap.

Attorney Jordan said that one of the first things law enforcement did was confiscate the surveillance video from the store where the incident occurred.

“There are no criminal charges pending against anyone, as far as we know. Certainly because of the tragic and unfortunate situation with Mr. Sterling, no criminal charges can be filed against him… why are they holding on to this video? We haven’t heard them say anything about bringing investigation against the officers,” Jordan said.

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Jordan wants the investigation to be “taken out of the hands of the Baton Rouge police department” and handed over to state police.

“The best way to ensure that there is no cover up is to hand it over to some neutral third party,” Jordan said. “I don’t think the department knew that there was another video out there.”

Earlier, the head of the Baton Rouge NAACP called for the police chief to be fired or resign.

As we reported, Sterling, who is black, was shot and killed outside a convenience store while selling music after an anonymous caller claimed he was armed. Sterling died from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back, East Baton Rouge Parish coroner Dr. William Clark said.

A witness captured 48 seconds of the killing outside Triple S. Food Mart in a graphic video that culminates in an officer aiming his duty gun inches from Sterling’s body as he and his partner pinned him to the ground.

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