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Aevolve, Inc’s CEO (Dr. Les Snead), Staff Visit Nigeria to Finalize Technology Deals

Dr. Les Snead

 *ATLANTA, GA  –  Aevolve, Inc., an Atlanta-based startup tech company is visiting Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, from Oct. 28 – Nov. 14, 2016, to solidify business deals with their business partner in Nigeria, the government, and other entities.

Aevolve recently signed a multimillion-dollar deal with Nigeria and they will launch their products in Africa in the first quarter 2017.  Furthermore, Aevolve is working hard at becoming the most-loved brand in Africa, starting with Nigeria.

Aevolve’s CEO Dr. Les Snead and his management team are scheduled to travel to Africa to meet Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, formerPresident of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; former President Enerst Shonekan; Akran of Badagry; Oba of Lagos State; Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, Adeola Odekun of Globalcom; investors and many others on their two weeklong trip.  Dr. Snead played a major role in orchestrating his high-profile connections and negotiations needed to launch in the motherland.   In addition, Johnson Olakunle Moses, CEO of ATD Global Security Services, is Aevolve’s main Nigerian partner to help bring their innovative technology to the country. Dr. Snead has also been greeted by the Chief of Staff in twenty-three states in Nigeria.

In a recent interview, when asked how does it feel to be helping to bring technology to his country, Moses says, ” I have that feeling of fulfillment, you have said it all “helping to bring.” Nigerians have been looking forward to a time where television viewing will be affordable and accessible. They say the world is a global village; it is only global when everyone can have unrestricted access to TV Broadcasting and that is what ATD/AEVOLVE is bringing to the country. It feels great to be the medium through which this becomes a possibility.”

Last month, representatives from ATD Global of Nigeria visited Atlanta for talks at Aevolve’s state-of-the-art office at Atlanta Tech Village (ATV), the fifth-largest tech hub in the United States. “We see Aevolve as a huge success in Nigeria and Africa as a whole because our business concept of Job creation, Education and Training, Entrepreneurship and Empowering the citizens to own their own business. Our X1 and ABX3 Micro Computer and A8 ADSS app for digital signage is our flagship, one-of-a-kind devices and proprietary software that have created huge buzz in Nigeria already. Here comes Aevolve. Stay tuned,” says Dr. Snead.

With a country of almost 200 million people and the country positioning to migrate from analog to digital broadcasting in 2017, the opportunities for products and services related to digital technology are enormous.   “Our goal is to get computers in every home, not just in Nigeria, but across Africa,” says Dr. Snead, who plans to unveil ABx3 in the first quarter of next year in Nigeria. “The device is also an ideal compact computer for any business that depends on direct Internet connection.”  They have plans of launching in other areas of the continent after Africa is up and running.

Aevolve, Inc. is an Atlanta-based technology company that is focused on bringing innovative and affordable computing and entertainment technology to businesses and consumers worldwide.  Dr. Snead launched his company three years ago out of his home and earlier this year, he and his staff moved into Atlanta Tech Village. Since making the transition from his home to office, the company has steadily progressed and has not looked back.  Dr. Snead has made it their business to have top-notch people on his team to help the company reach their goals.

Aevolve’s goal is to update Nigeria to be at the forefront of all the nations in Africa.  “I have a vision for Nigeria to help build the nation and empower the people.  I would like to build the Silicon Valley of Nigeria on the land by the beach to create new education, job training and entrepreneurship by helping new start-up companies,” says Dr. Snead.  “We are going to start with building Aevolve Manufacturing Building, MYATV Broadcasting station, Hope 3 School of Technology and Nigeria Tech Village (NTV) for start-up companies first.”

MYATV Broadcasting and ATD Global hopes to secure licenses and warehouse space and to become operational the first quarter 2017. They also have plans to help the government with the migration from analog to digital. This partnership is getting ready for the digital switch over by 2018.

“Indeed, MYATV is extremely committed to creating opportunities to excite and empower the consumers with our Free-to-Air broadcasting just as we are passionate about realizing our brand vision of being the most-loved brand in the daily lives of Nigerians,” says Dr. Snead.  Aevolve will have the first and largest manufacturing facility to be built to produce our products.   Snead says this is all a part of the plan to develop black- owned businesses, to create jobs for the country and keep the jobs in Africa versus sending the business to China.  “I am looking forward to the benefits Nigerians would derive from it, such as employment, wealth creation, empowerment and diversification of the country’s economy,” says Moses.

Aevolve’s powerful compact computer, known as ABx3 Gateway PRO Micro Computer, enables users to access everything from Microsoft Windows 365 to Google Docs. The lightweight device is so small it can even be carried in a suitcase, backpack, or pocketbook.  “This is a new wave of technology that allows individuals to have unequaled access to technology from the comfort of their home,” says Dr. Snead.   “We want to bridge the global digital divide to facilitate education, enhance employments prospects, and help transform the wider African economy.”

Once Nigeria is up and running, consumers will have unrestricted access to digital capabilities and  greater control over what they watch and when they want too.

“The citizens are expecting to have a Broadcasting Technology whose platform can serve them better than existing platforms in terms of clearer picture, digital sound,  non-interference and weather proof signals,” says Moses.

“We should be able to achieve the objective of bringing the future of broadcasting to the doorsteps of Nigerians.”

Visit Aevolve’s website at https://www.aevolvetv.com.




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