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82-year-old Grandpa Starts the Fall Semester at College … with his Granddaughter

grandpa and granddaughter start college

*My 77-year-old mother never finished college, and she says that decision is one of her biggest regrets. She went back briefly in the 1990s (GOD that sounds like it was a long time ago!), but dropped out again after just a day or two (I’m not exaggerating), telling herself that, at 50-something, it was too late.

I love Mom dearly, and she sacrificed a lot to help raise her children.  But for decades she has bought into the ridiculous notion that she’s too old to go back to school.  Throughout those same decades, my siblings and I have tried to convince her that it’s never too late to pursue a dream.

Maybe we need to ask Rene Neira, 82, to give her a call.  He just started the new semester at Palo Alto College — with his 18 year old granddaughter.  

The octogenarian is just a class away from earning his associate’s degree in economics.  His granddaughter, Melanie Salazar, has just started her studies at the San Antonio, Texas community college.

“Grandpa and I are very close,” Salazar said.  “I like to say he’s my best friend and it’s great to have him here with me.”

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