Friday, May 24, 2024

ICYMI: POTUS on ‘Ellen’; Ruben & Fantasia on ‘American Idol’ (Watch)

President Obama visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show
President Obama visits The Ellen DeGeneres Show

*President Barack Obama hasn’t been on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” since 2008, when he was a candidate running for president.

He danced onto the show, then.

In his return to “Ellen” this week, ( his first visit as President of the United States), he wisely chose to avoid giving any further ammunition to his haters, claiming he was too intimidated by the dancing audience members to show off his own moves.

On the talk show, taped Thursday and broadcast today, President Obama opened up at length about Malia going off to college.

He also talked about how “depressing” Washington can be, and was forced to listen to Ellen, again, complain about his wife Michelle cheating in their push up contest back in the day.

“You’re still upset about that,” POTUS said.

Watch below:

On Thursday, “American Idol’s” season 2 and 3 winners Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino returned to mentor and perform with two contestants each from this year’s Final 24.

They offered a much-needed breath of fresh air to a show on its last leg. Each performed standout songs that they belted during their respective seasons.

Here are Ruben’s two performances – with Stephany Negrete (Superstar) and Avalon Young (Flying Without Wings):

Below are ‘Tasia’s two performances – with LaPorsha Renae (Summertime) and Jordan Sasser (I Believe):

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