Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Husband Uses Drone to Catch Wife Cheating; Angrily Narrates Footage Online (Watch)

John Consiglio narrates drone video of his wife cheating
John Consiglio narrates drone video of his wife cheating

*Not only did a scorned husband used a drone to catch his wife cheating on him in a CVS parking lot, he also posted the footage online to put her on blast and provided his own irate play by play.

“Recently I found that my wife’s been cheating on me,” John Consiglio of Pennsylvania (according to Mediate) said in the video posted Monday. “I caught her meeting a guy only a few blocks away from my home.”

In the video, he said his suspicions were raised after noticing that his wife walked a different way than usual to work.

The footage shows her waiting for what seemed like ages at an intersection, fixing her hair.

“Gotta make yourself look pretty for the guy you are about to cheat on your husband with!” he narrated. “Make your hair look nice for this f—ing c—sucker.”

The video shows his wife walking towards the CVS parking lot and stopping when a car approached her.

“If you watch carefully, you’re going to be able to see 18 years go right down the f—ing drain,” Consiglio said. “Eighteen f—ing years, gone. Eighteen years, you just throw it away like that. We had a good marriage. I thought we had a good marriage. Apparently not.”

In a follow-up video posted on Wednesday, he explained that he didn’t just send the drone after his wife. He got tipped off by a mutual friend that she was somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be before work on two separate occasions.

Consiglio also told his viewers that his wife was upset he posted the video, and she tried to reconcile, telling him those three occasions were the only ones on which she cheated.

Consiglio told The Daily Mail that he filed for divorce.

Many have speculated that the video was faked but Consiglio has denied that, telling Inside Edition, “I’ve never put out a fake video in my life. I understand skepticism — so many things are fake now — but this is not one of them.”

Watch below:



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