Monday, June 27, 2022

Brandy Shades Monica in Latest ‘So Gone’ Challenge Drama

Monica, Brandy

*The fictional battle between “The Boy Is Mine” singers Brandy and Monica Brown appears to have become reality recently.

Just in case you have a life and haven’t been following their Instagram accounts, Brown has been hosting the “So Gone” Challenge, where fans and celebs have been sharing videos of themselves dropping their own verse onto the instrumental of her hit track.

When one of Brandy’s fans asked if she would join the viral challenge, the singer — who doesn’t need a video meme to stay relevant — dismissed the fan’s question with a simple “Chile, bye!”

Monica appeared on The Real to say she was unbothered by the drama, and that it is a test of her new inner peace. She has previously laughed off rumors of a feud, and said that any beef between her and Brandy was nothing more than “brilliant marketing.”

Brandy responded to Monica‘s appearance on the season opener of The Real talk show in a brief Instagram post on Sunday, she wrote the hashtag:

“IKnowTHEREALStoryThatEverybodyDoesntKnow”. She followed that up with “PositivityIsTheOneThingYouShouldNotFake”


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According to, “Monica has been plagued by industry rumors that her highly-favored-by-God personality is just a front.”

“I’m not bothered at all,” Brown said about the alleged shade. “I think that that was just a test from God for me and I’ve always thought that she was one of the most legendary people and has one of the most amazing voices in the runs and riffs,” she said on “The Real.”

“I can’t tell my kids to do something that I can’t do. So it was just a test for me to always just take the high road and know that in anything that happens in this life, if it’s meant for you,” Monica continued.

When asked if she’d ever consider working with Brandy again, Monica replied:

“I would work with her again. It’s never been an easy situation, but the reason that I would do it, is because we are from a special elite group. It was her, Aaliyah and myself,” Monica responded. “It was a very special time where each of us were individuals, we did our own thing and we all made our own mark. And the truth and reality is the only Grammy either of us has is together. So that to me says something special. So yeah, I absolutely would.”

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