Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Cornel West Blasts Obama for ‘Weak’ Remarks On Police Shootings

Cornel West

*Activist Cornel West has expressed disappointment with President Obama’s response to last week’s shootings of black men by police in Minnesota and Louisiana.

“I thought it was weak,” West said, according to The Washington Post. “He’s always got to explain to white America how black people are feeling. Black people don’t feel as if we’re being treated unequally — it’s a fact that we’re being treated unequally. He sort of always has to serve in this translating role. That’s how he rolls, but that’s not how I roll.”

West said while Obama called Thursday’s attacks on Dallas police officers “a vicious and despicable act,” he would not use those exact words to describe police-involved killings in general.

West said the president’s latest remarks emphasized how Obama has not taken advantage of time to speak out on racial justice.

“He’s been running from the issue for too long. When he finally gets pushed into a corner, he says something eloquent and articulate. But you’ve got to be able to hit it head on,” West said.

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Cornel has been consistently critical of President Obama concerning his public statements on racial inequality and injustice. In 2014, West took aim at the Obama’s reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

“The thing is he posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit. We ended up with a Wall Street presidency, a drone presidency, a national security presidency.,” Cornel explained. “The torturers go free. The Wall Street executives go free. The war crimes in the Middle East, especially now in Gaza, the war criminals go free. We ended up with a brown-faced Clinton. Another opportunist. Another neoliberal opportunist.”

Cornel West once said “there’s no prophetic integrity” in Obama’s leadership.

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  1. “Change Never came”

    Dear Brother’s and Sisters,

    It is time to wake up from the slumber and the illusion of American life. Stop being concerned as entertainers, NBA and NFL players. Hollywood is quiet and their silence in the cases of police brutality and the “So white Oscar’s” speaks volumes. Where is Tyler Perry, Eddie Murphy, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Diddy, Dr. Dre’, Step Curry and LeBron James? Beyonce, D.L. Hughley, Ricky Smiley, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Jada Pinkett are the only one’s speaking out. The KKK were the first terrorist and they are under the law of Karma.

    Like many American’s I voted for Barack Obama. I donated money to his campaigns and defended him against racist rhetoric. My artist even wrote a song about him to promote his campaign. After 8 years, I must be honest with myself. If Reagan, Bush or Clinton were in The White House and this climate existed, I would blame them. As Kanye once stated after Bush failed to help those that suffered in Katrina, “George Bush don’t like black people”. What we are experiencing now, is far worse than Katrina. It is a sanctioned genocide. The White House and the DOJ (Holder and Lynch) have failed to prosecute murder by the badge. Yet they threaten anyone that rejects Gay and Transgender rights with enforcement and sanctions.

    We should all be objective and fair enough to ask… does Barack Obama like black people?. During the uprising in Baltimore, after the murder of Freddie Gray, Obama referred to the angry youth of Baltimore as “Thugs and Hoodlums”. When the verdict arrived in the Trayvon Martin trial, he responded by saying “we are a country of laws and the decision must be respected”. He failed to attend most NAACP conventions and sent Joe Biden in his place but, attended all LGBT conventions. He would not attend the funeral of Hadiya Pendleton who marched in his inauguration parade, he sent Michelle Obama but, attended the funeral in Connecticut.

    His entire 2nd term cabinet was 99% white.

    He never visited St. Louis after Mike Brown was murdered, Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray, Florida after the death of Trayvon Martin, Louisianna or Minnesota after the deaths of two innocent black men but he is going to Dallas,TX. He referred to blacks as a chunk of people as to not show bias to us but, lit the White House in Gay colors after the Supreme court ruled in favor of Gay marriage. Is that objective? His mother was white and his step dad Asian. Michelle is a beard of blackness for a man who is worst than Clarence Thomas. His friends all say they knew him in school as Barry Obama. When did he choose Barack?

    He thinks black people are stupid. He sings Al Green, Amazing Grace and a verse from a Drake song to pimp our insecurity and desire for a black President. Change never came. We went back in time and experienced the very climate we currently fear under Trump and feared under George Wallace and David Duke’s presidential reign. Blacks being killed by police without fear of prosecution and the justice department never prosecuting as if a Jim Crow Willie Lynch leader controlled it. The MLK King civil rights amendment stripped under this fool.

    Here is the bias and the only people Obama cares about:

    Change never came! We are in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and many other countries as occupied forces, supposedly to share American democracy and equality. Many countries have observed police and racism in America and deemed our democracy a Got damn lie! America had the audacity to sanction North Korea for the abuse of human rights as two black men were murdered by racist with badges and Obama remains silent. Who controls this puppet? Who tells him that he can’t say sh-t?

    They hate America for being blatant hypocrites and demonic racist. They have labeled the U.S. as the great Satan. They call our response to 911 a punk ass bully scared. People crying and asking why? This is why. Because of the hypocrisy spun as a democracy. The arrogance to sanction other countries for the abuse of human rights, while you kill people on video daily.

    Under Barack Obama, blacks have witnessed what it would be like under George Wallace, Donald Trump or David Duke. Obama has ignored and did exactly what they would do about police brutality and racism. Not a got damn thing.

    He has a lottery ticket for his family for his passivity to police murders. He made a deal with the devil to be the President and now we know what the deal was. He traded us for a title.

    Philandering Castile
    The South Carolina 9
    Sandra Bland
    Eric Garner
    Trayvon Martin
    Mike Brown
    Tamir Rice
    Freddie Gray
    Walter Scott
    Michael Jackson
    Whitney Houston are only a few of the 551 blacks killed by racist using badges and covert positions.

    All murdered under Obama’s term. The KKK protected himObama in exchange for his see no evil policy. He lived because we were allowed to die without prosecution. In his first year as President, a group of black students protested Obama in Tennessee and stated that he made a deal with the KKK to live by sacrificing us. 8 years later? Look at our conditions.

    Blacks accuse Obama of KKK affiliation before election:

    He should lose his pass in the black community on the basis of calling us thugs and allowing us to be murdered without taking any actions. Don’t let his photo ops with Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z and Beyonce’ or his fake organization “My brother’s keeper” deceive you. It’s PR for the crimes he allowed against the black community. He is preparing for retirement and wants us to forget what he allowed.

    I did not like Bush but, under Bush, we lived to see another day. We were not slaughtered under Bush. Black people, your need to see a Blackman in the White House has been pimped by the Obama administration and hunted by the KKK wearing badges. This man made me miss Bush and I voted for Obama twice and donated to his campaign.

    It began with the arrest of Harvard professor Dr. Henry Louis Gates charged with trespassing in his own home at Harvard. Obama suggests a beer summit. This passivity sent a message. We can name Clarence Thomas, Abdul Muhammad but, the policies would remain the same. Barack? His friends called him Barry. Here is the real Obama.

    The real Obama:

  2. I basically think Cornell West has lost his mind….and you would too if you had a eye on the history and into the mystery of and a peep at the roots of racism in america…ANYway I am in complete agreement with him on the take on Obama re: last week …I can’t stand it anymore…at first I thought he was trying to walk down the middle be President to everyone…well he was President and helped those that didn’t want him and his people sunk further into the muck…. I can talk about myself…when he was inaugurated I spent about 5k taking myself and my Goddaughter to Washington… the time of his second inauguration I couldn’t have afforded to go across the street to see him.50% unemployment in the Black community I could go on….I never could feel him…and I still don’t maybe he’s a shapeshifter …he has no asaura and no vibe. It is a strange time y’all stay safe!

  3. Cornell West is obviously still fried

    over the 2009 inaugurAtion snub. And some black folks still continue to expect ONE black person to change over 400 years of history in eight years.

  4. Nope. We just expect the president to enforce equal protection under the law, and grow a pair…

    I agree with Mark. The president has a very big mouth when it comes to LGBT issues. He has a very loud mouth when it comes to immigration.

    Most people are psyched out by the press, because the lazy press corp constantly shows latinos as the face of immigration. That’s surface dwelling BS. The large number of culprits regarding “illegal immigration” are those from Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and the like. They blend into the AmeriKlan culture seamlessly. Whereas, the brown skin (just like black skin) is like shooting ducks in a barrell.

    Barack Obama has been an advocate for just about everyone but black people. He is a huge disappointment. So yeah Mark, you nailed it.

    I for one did NOT expect “Barack the magic negro” as some people CONSTANTLY imply. These people are apologists for this guy that sold us out.

    Instead of “abracadabra,” I expected the first black president to be a man of substance, and advocate for those who are greatly harmed right before his very eyes. Instead Barack Obama turned out to be a fraud, pacifying black people with his fake “swag.”

    A huge clue that should have rang everyone’s alarm bells is Obama’s appointment of Jeff Geithner and his thieving crew to his cabinet. These are the bastards responsible for the collapse of AmeriKKKa financial stability, and the world economy…

    But the first clue for me was when he distanced himself from Rev. Wright. That was a straight Judas move to the max. Then he allowed that crazy, racist ass hole Joe Wilson from South Carolina to yell, “You Lie” without addressing that rude southern POS. At the very least Obama could have said, “I am the president of this country, and you will respect this office.” If Wilson would have continued to mouth off (which I doubt he would have, because bullies are punk), Obama could have had the Sergeant at Arms remove that silly bastard. That would have demonstrated his no-nonsense approach to racist/racism, and those bent on obstruction.

    Instead Obama pretended to take the high road, and the bastards in the GOP said, “he’s a punk, and we can take him.” And they did…

    Remember how Obama fired Shirley Sherrod based on white wing ass hole Andrew Breitbart’s lies regarding Ms. Sherrod’s alleged discrimination against white farmers? Thank God those two old white farmers were still alive to debunk that slanderous crap by Breitbart. Bt Barack swallowed that hook, whole, and exposed himself to be a shallow creep as far as I’m concerned.

    It’s all about imagery with Obama. Smoke and mirrors.

    I could go on forever regarding this president’s cowardice when it comes to dealing with the myriad epidemic issues confronting black people, but his watching black people being slaughtered by KKKops on the regular wasn’t on my radar screen at first. I thought, “surely he is going to address these modern day lynchings by these Klansmen with badges,” but, NOPE.

    Obama is afraid of white people – period. Eric Holder is NOT. I believe Attorney General Holder wanted to vigorously prosecute the thugs on Wall Street, the domestic terrorists with badges, and the like, But Barack restrained him. And that’s why Holder resigned.

    Now he’s peddling that “Dixiecrat” Hillary as if that skank is Mother Theresa. Sorry, but NOT again Barry.

    What a huge disappointment Barack Obama has been for black people.

    My heart is broken, because he is a cold, calculating, scumbag. I am embarrassed to say that I bought into his, “Yes We Can” rhetoric, when it was really all about him, NOT us…

    Ain’t that a bitch?

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