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They’re Not Like Us (The Supreme Court) -The Journal of Steffanie Rivers

US Supreme Court (Drew Angerer-Getty Images via CNN Newsource)

*It seems the Supreme Court is working overtime to protect lawbreakers, yet women don’t get the court’s protection. You probably heard about the SCOTUS opinion on the Jan. 6th insurrectionists charged with obstruction by the Department of Justice: Some of those defendants could get their charges dismissed. Why – all of a sudden – does […]

Cornel West Announces Fellow Academic and BLMer Melina Abdullah As Running Mate

*(CNN) — Independent presidential candidate Cornel West announced fellow academic Melina Abdullah as his vice presidential nominee in an interview Wednesday on “The Tavis Smiley Show.” “She has a record of deep commitment and investment in ensuring that poor and working people are at the center of her vision,” West said of his running mate. […]

Cornel West Slams Biden, Democrats for ‘Crime’ Against Black Americans

Cornel West Slams Biden

*Cornel West says the Democrat’s history with Black Americans is a “crime against humanity.” “Well, I think you’ll think Joe Biden contributed to a crime against humanity when he became the architect of the mass incarceration regime in the 1990s,” said West, 70, in a new interview with the New York Post, referring to the […]

Some Dems Believe Cornel West Will Rankle President Biden in Primary

Cornell West (Andrew Harnik-AP)

*Politico reports that Dr. Cornel West’s entry into the presidential race may be a longshot against President Joe Biden, but will certainly present a “unique challenge” to the current White House occupant. “The U.S. has a long history of issue candidates who run in order to bring attention to important principles and ideas. I welcome […]

When Dr. Cornel West Ain’t Good Enough: The Journal of Steffanie Rivers | WATCH

*Dr. Cornel West has been hailed as one of the world’s most sought after scholars who can pontificate and debate about damn near anything with anybody. Not only do Black intellectuals seek his wisdom, even White people respect his viewpoint. He is a Harvard University graduate and a Princeton University graduate twice over. He has […]

Cornel West Blasts Obama for ‘Weak’ Remarks On Police Shootings

*Activist Cornel West has expressed disappointment with President Obama’s response to last week’s shootings of black men by police in Minnesota and Louisiana. “I thought it was weak,” West said, according to The Washington Post. “He’s always got to explain to white America how black people are feeling. Black people don’t feel as if we’re […]

Cornel West Calls Hillary Clinton Neo-Liberal Thermometer (WATCH)

*In an exchange on CNN ahead of Super Tuesday, Cornel West called Hillary Clinton a neo-liberal thermometer that only checks temperature of political climate. He then continues by stating we need a populous message like the one from Bernie Sanders that serves as a thermostat to change the temperature. Follow the discussion on twitter @tonetalks

Cornel West: Hillary Clinton is the ‘Milli Vanilli of American Politics’

*Cornel West isn’t shy about who’s getting his vote. In West’s eyes, Bernie Sanders is his candidate of choice, as opposed to Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton. To hear West tell it, the former first lady hasn’t been as actively involved in the black community as Sanders, whom he feels was active in the black […]

Cornel West Says Ta-Nehisi Coates ‘Cowardly Silent’ on New Militancy

*The often controversial and outspoken Cornel West is back at sippin’ tea and serving shade to melenated folks who remain silent on racial bias and police brutality, and especially those who refuse to criticize President Obama for not being radical enough on race and poverty. West’s latest target is Atlantic writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. Last week, […]

Cornel West Bottom Line: Obama ‘Afraid of Fox News’ (WATCH)

*The always outspoken Cornel West was invited on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” to react to President Obama’s recent interview with podcasting comedian Marc Maron. During his chat with Maron, Obama said the n-word, sparking criticism and national debate. “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter sat down with West to discuss race in America and the president’s now-infamous […]

Cornel West Responds to Michael Eric Dyson’s Critique of Him … Kinda

*It didn’t take too long, but Cornel West issued a response to Michael Eric Dyson’s scathing critique of him. Kind of. Rather than mention Dyson by name or reference what he wrote in his story in The New Republic, “The Ghost of Cornel West,” West used issues affecting African Americans and the poor to drive […]