Sunday, September 19, 2021

Cornel West: Hillary Clinton is the ‘Milli Vanilli of American Politics’

cornel-west*Cornel West isn’t shy about who’s getting his vote.

In West’s eyes, Bernie Sanders is his candidate of choice, as opposed to Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

To hear West tell it, the former first lady hasn’t been as actively involved in the black community as Sanders, whom he feels was active in the black community way before he announced his intent to run for president.

As a result, the famed scholar-activist compared Clinton to a certain scandalized music group that caught major flak for not being the actual voice behind their biggest hits.

“My dear brother Chris, sister Hillary Clinton is the Milli Vanilli of American politics West told CNN correspondent Chris Cuomo when comparing Sanders and Clinton. “She lip sings, she gives lip service, but when it comes to policy who supported [the] crime bill?”

Expanding on his point, West stated that Sanders was “one of the two White public officials who supported Jesse Jackson in the 80s. That took tremendous courage.”

West’s comments come after Clinton emerged victorious over Sanders during the Nevada caucus over the weekend. Nevertheless, West still sees Sanders as the realest candidate over the former secretary of state.

“She shows up and gives these wonderful speeches sounding like Bernie Sanders,” the Princeton University professor expressed to Cuomo. “How many politicians do we know have genuine integrity? You can count them on your hand. And Hillary Clinton’s not one of them.”

West one on to bring Donald Trump into the conversation as he voiced his belief that Sanders would appeal to more voters if he was given as much media coverage as the Republican presidential hopeful, the man West calls the “Frankenstein of social media.”

To see West’s conversation with Cuomo, check out the video below and weigh on whether West is on point with his assessment of Clinton:



  1. Zero fuxz about anything West has to say anymore.. Used to be my hero, up until he started and then took cooning on the road..

  2. Cornel West was mostly right about Hillary, including her support for Goldwater. But that shouldn’t be a negative. She was only 16 then, and her parents were Republicans. Her teachers were also mainly Republicans. The poor child was completely under the influence of conservative Republicans in her formative years, so it’s to her credit that she broke free on her own and started supporting the Democrats and the civil rights movement soon after.

    It’s kind of disappointing that someone with Cornel West’s insight chose not to view it from that perspective.

  3. Not crazy about Cornell West, but REALLY not crazy about Hillary. When she was First Lady, she bragged that she was ‘co-President’; therefore, it is fair to examine Bill’s record regarding Black Americans and apply it to her. She championed and campaigned for EVERY single policy and bill that he signed into law that hurt Black Americans. E.G.: Welfare reform (watch Michael Moore’s documentary to see the ramifications), the Crime Bill (which disproportionately impacted Black men), NAFTA (which stole manufacturing jobs from ALL Americans). Bill repealed Glass-Steagall, which led to the financial crisis that impacted Black homeowners more than anyone else. Those are three laws and the repeal I can think of right now, but there’s more.

    And then, when Hillary was campaigning against President Obama, BOTH of them said some pretty nasty and racist things. Her surrogates did more dirty nasty racist things. Of course, now that she’s running again, she’s doing her usual flip-flopping and pandering, saying she wants to ‘continue Pres. Obama’s legacy’ and also refusing to release transcripts of speeches she gave to her Wall Street masters, the very ones that precipitated the financial crisis.

    Don’t believe me; google it. Read articles on,, and a variety of other websites that tell the truth about her.

    I’m a Democrat, and I know the political history of the Democratic party. I’m old enough and have been around long enough to witness how the Clintons, along with Rahm Emmanuel and others, have shifted the party to the right. Not a good thing.

    I’m ‘feelin’ the Bern’, and will not be voting for Hillary—EVER. I wish that Black Americans would pay attention, read and research the candidates’ records. Whether one is into politics or not, it behooves all of us to have the knowledge to vote for those who will help our people the most.

    End of rant.


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