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New Video Shows Blacks Forced to Prepay for Meal at Los Angeles Denny’s

*LOS ANGELES – On Monday, February 1, more commonly referred to as the first day of Black History Month, a trial is set to start in Los Angeles regarding yet another case of discrimination at Denny’s involving African-Americans.

In this case, a Black couple was forced to prepay for their meal at a Koreatown Denny’s.

The incident took place on May 7, 2014 at the Denny’s on Wilshire and Vermont in Los Angeles. Renee Hebert and Henry Williams–both African-American–placed an order but were required to prepay before getting served.  Apparently their waitress and manager were concerned over the amount of food ordered and thought they were going to dine and dash–a phrase used to describe people who come in and order food and leave without paying.

Ali Rahman, the manager of the Denny’s is a defendant in the lawsuit along with Denny’s, Inc. The restaurant where the incident occurred is a company-owned store and not a franchise.

In his deposition, Mr. Rahman admits repeatedly that he asked the couple to prepay and admits that he knew prepayment requests were not permitted under the anti-discrimination and equal accommodation policies. His reasoning according to his testimony is that he had a lapse in judgment and just wasn’t thinking.

Q. So Belkis was the server on May 7th, 2014. How many servers were on the video at that time, if you recall?
A. Three.
Q. Do you know the others’ names?
A. I don’t remember right now.
Q. And Belkis came over to you and said what?
A. Okay. So Belkis came and said that there’s two people that came and ordered a lot of food; and what else did she say to you?
A. Just so like, “What should I do? Should I send the order, or do you want to talk with them?”
Q. Okay. And what did you say?
A. Said we had two guests that are eating, and they ordered a lot of food for two people.
Q. Okay. And do you know why she told you that?
A. We have a few walk-outs, we call them, like people dump, order a lot of food, they don’t pay, and then they leave.
Q. Okay. So Belkis came and said that there’s two people that came and ordered a lot of food; and what else did she say to you?
A. Just so like, “What should I do? Should I send the order, or do you want to talk with them?”
Q. Okay. And what did you say?
A. “Okay. Let me go talk to them.”
Q. And did you go talk to them?

A. Yes.
Q. Okay. And can you describe happened? What did you say to them?
A. I just sat down, and I just how are you guys doing?” And, “You guys, ordered a lot of food, yeah, $80 of food.” So I said, “You ordered a lot of food. Would you like to make a payment before we get the food out to you?”

Denny’s has a long and rich history of racial discrimination and previously paid $54 million to settle race bias cases under a federal consent decree. Part of the consent decree required Denny’s to implement policies and procedures that prohibit Denny’s from requesting prepayment of any customers.

Click here to read the complaint.

The trial is scheduled to start on Monday, February 1, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. in Division 51 of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. The couple is represented by attorney Jonathan Kaplan of Kaplan Weiss LLP.



  1. Given Denny’s history of paying for their egregious acts of discrimination, I can’t believe they haven’t settled this matter.

    How in the world do they think they’re going to prevail when they’ve admitted to making the patrons pay in advance? Not only that, but there is video evidence to confirm that they violated the consent decree, and anti-discrimination and equal accommodation policies…

    Somebody is off of their meds…

  2. I’m a middle class, middle aged, white guy and have been asked to prepay. I should sue as well based on some kind of discrimination.
    Asking to have a large order prepaid in a store that has frequent theft, should not be a discrimination case. This is a case of some whiney people trying to make a buck because they felt inconvenienced. It’s interesting too, because this is how you keep your neighborhood in a lower economic status; by punishing businesses that establish there with frivolous lawsuits.
    If it had been an issue of refusing to serve them based on a racial bias, then a case may have more merit. Even that though, while discriminatory, should be up to a business as to whose money they take.

    • Notice how every time a story about black folks being discriminated against, some delusional white person will automatically troll for a Black website and tell some ‘ this-happened-to-me-too-so-it-can’t-be-about-race’ story. Why are white folks so scared to admit that racism is alive and well in America? If race doesn’t matter, then why are so many of you so friggin scared to talk about it? But as soon as you feel YOU have suffered discrimination, all of a sudden it has been reversed. News flash random guy: if you cannot admit and acknowledge discrimination still exists for black folks, then it cannot be reversed because it does not exist for you either. So your so-called ‘reverse’ discrimination argument is nothing more than blatant denial of the practice and your attempt at deflecting attention away from reality.

      • straightnochaser and HerrinSchadenfreude, thank you for shutting “random idiot” down.

        You did it with such class and precision that I’m giving both of you 10,000 standing ovations!

        Damn white trash, confederate trolls are a joke…

  3. The only way your post doesn’t sound dumb and typical is if you’re completely illiterate and have no idea what you just read.

    The law you claim shouldn’t be used to bust Dennys for racial discrimination was put on the books as part of a response to one of MANY prior cases of racial discrimination at Denneys. That was the precise problem the law was intended to address.

    Now just because the law was made to cover all cases of this behavior by the restaurant regardless of patron race doesn’t change the impetus or the justification for the law. Sorry. Fail.

    It’s gotten to a point where the excuse train and the willful ignorance of the American public regarding these issues just makes me hope the country takes a meteor strike. In the meantime? Denial such as yours just reminds me of the class clown in the dunce cap that keeps on making that loud braying sound in the back of the room because negative attention is better than none at all. It just can’t be taken seriously and is better off ignored after the first warning. Dennys should have thought more carefully about case precedent earlier if they didn’t want this sort of accusation to be the default.

    And as for your ridiculous claim that restaurants should be able to refuse service based on race or any other criteria that people have no control over? Don’t freak when you see your first color TV. It’s not Satan’s work, it’s the 21st century. Update your notes.

  4. Instead of risking violating people’s rights, maybe Denny’s should hire a minimum wage security guard to sit at the door and ask for people’s receipt to show they have paid before they walk out the door. Kind of like they do at Sam’s and Walmart. There has to be a better way to handle the situation.

  5. People didn’t hear “the other side of the story”. The incident that Denny’s paid the settlement for in 1994 was blown completely out of proportion. The blacks that were forced to pre-pay were persistent thieves in that they would come in, order food, eat half of it, complain about it, order something else, eat half of it, complain about it, then refuse to pay for anything.

  6. Take a hike Dale and Monroe. Your lies and false narratives are so full of shit.

    Damn confederate, white trash idiots love to giving themselves blow jobs in public.

    Please take your contortionists act some place else. Nobody is buying your racist BS here… Denny’s has a serious reputation for being racist.

    I marvel at why black people still patronize the place. There food is horrible, and the hygiene of their establishments leaves a lot to be desired. I stopped eating there in the early 80’s…

  7. They are made to prepay because they walk out all the time without paying. Get a life racist losers.

    • The racist loser is you Zeke. You are pathetic with your assumptions.

      And how many white people walk out of restaurants every day? You don’t know jack crap, you piece of shit. GTFOH with your BS.

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