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Woman who Gave ‘Toxic Tush’ Injections Can’t Pay Bail; Stays in Jail

oneal ron morris
O’neal Ron Morris

*The sad saga of Oneal Ron Morris continues.

Morris is the South Florida woman who we reported on back in 2011 and 12 is facing manslaughter and related charges for allegedly pumping a toxic materials into the buttocks of women and men seeking big butts.

Up until November – Morris, 34, had served a year in Miami-Dade for a similar offense – but was transferred to Broward County jail where she faces trial in seven separate cases. On Friday, Broward Circuit Judge Michael Ian Rothschild set bond for more than $40,000 which was more than Morris could afford to pay which means she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

One of the charges Morris will be tried for is manslaughter in the death of Shatarka Nuby, a woman who allegedly paid Morris $2,000 for as many as 10 injections between 2007 and 2010, according to police and court records. Nuby died March 17, 2012, while serving a federal prison sentence for identity theft.

According to investigators in Miami-Dade and Broward, Morris injected a concoction made up of silicone, mineral oil, Fix-a-Flat tire sealant, cement and super glue into the buttocks of paying customers who wanted a relatively inexpensive short-cut alternative to traditional plastic surgery.

Morris has denied using the ingredients described by investigators and prosecutors.

These so-called “Toxic Tush” injections are commonly found in the transgender community.

Born male, Morris was referred to by prosecutors as a man, and by his own lawyer as a woman. Defense attorney William R. Lanphear said his client is in a special unit of the Broward jail for protective custody. Her unusually large hips and bottom have helped draw national attention, and ridicule, to the allegations of illegal cosmetic surgery injections.

Morris was in court seeking a lower bond so she could remain free awaiting trial.

“I’m not a danger to society,” she told the judge. “This whole experience has taught me a lot about how people will try to destroy my life. I just want to put it behind me.”

But Rothschild’s order – $20,000 on the manslaughter count and more than $20,000 on related charges of practicing medicine without a license – all but assures she will remain in custody through trial, Lanphear said.

Morris’ next court date is set for July.

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