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Vivica A Fox Defends Cosby, Calls Kenya Moore a ‘Toxic Trick’ (Watch)

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*Actress and “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant Vivica A. Fox is appearing on “The Meredith Viera Show” today (01-08-15) and naturally she was asked about Keshia Knight Pulliam and Kenya Moore. And Vivica didn’t hold back.

Pulliam, of course, was given the “You’re Fired” declaration by Donald Trump because she didn’t contact her TV dad, Bill Cosby, for money with her project. When asked to comment, Fox ends up defending Cosby jas well as Pulliam.

Meanwhile, Fox and Moore didn’t hit it off and sparks flew on “Apprentice” between the two pretty much the same way things go south with Moore and NeNe Leaks (and others) on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

First up Viera asks about Pulliam:

Meredith: How do you think she (Keshia Knight Pulliam) has handled herself in dealing with those questions?

Vivica: Like a class act. She did. It’s part of it, that they would attach her name to Mr. Cosby because they have history together. I worked on the Cosby show and was honored to do the show, and I have to agree with Keshia, the man I met was nothing like the man they are describing. He was nice, kind. There was no sexual overtones or anything so I defend him and I stand by him as well too.

Meredith: It also makes it all the more heartbreaking if these women are correct in their assessment and this happened.

Vivica: We shall see, we all weren’t there and as I said the man I met and worked with was nothing like that.

Next Meredith Viera asks Vivica on Why She Called Kenya Moore A “Toxic Trick”:

Meredith: Donald Trump told the New York Post that this season’s cast is, I don’t know if this is a compliment or not, the meanest by far. There is a lot of buzz surrounding you and “RHOA” Kenya Moore and your relationship and you came up with a special nickname for her.

Vivica: Yes, Toxic Trick.

Meredith: Now how did we come up with that?

Vivica: Because of Kenya’s despicable behavior and her actions.

Meredith: Now you liked her?

Vivica: Before, I’ve known Kenya for years. I was just absolutely shocked. When you do “Celebrity Apprentice” it’s definitely a cut-throat, business soap opera, that kind of plays out. Nothing’s forced, there’s nothing script. They kind of put you together for 12 hours a day, six days a week so guess what some people are going to get tired, they are going to get testy and the desperation that she showed towards the end, when the week before she was calling me her friend, her sister, I had let her borrow my gown for one of the projects, I just thought wow. I had never been that close to a person then the second I turn around stab me in the back. I just called her behavior toxic and instead of calling her the b word, I called her the t word, trick.

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(Vivica A Fox Defends Cosby, Calls Kenya Moore a ‘Toxic Trick’)

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