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Terrell Owens’ Ex-Publicist Kita Williams Goes in on Him; Threatens to Sue! (Watch)

Kita Williams
Kita Williams

*EUR associate/media partner, CNikky/Cherise Nicole (  spoke to celebrity publicist Kita Williams (formerly of the T.O. Show) who was extremely upset about Terrell Owens speaking negatively of her and her business partner Monique Jackson on The Wendy Williams show last week.

Kita’s snapping back, saying that she is tired of him lying on them and her days of keeping her mouth shut and taking the high road are over. She READ him and then threatened to sue for defamation of character. She also commented on why he was really fired from Celebrity Apprentice.

Here are some of the highlights below:

“We have had the most ups, downs, highs and lows with Terrell Owens ….But what I will say is this because I don’t throw shade, I don’t throw mud. I definitely believe in being a woman of integrity, but what I will say is Terrell is completely out of order when he talks about Monique and I doing him wrong. First of all let me say this, I kept my mouth quiet for so long by not being one of those shady, undercut kind of women. Professionally that’s defamation of character.

Monique and I sold the show, we never took a percentage of his money, we never dealt with his money the 13 years that we worked with him, so we never stole any of his money. And I just want him to be clear about it. One of the things about Monique and I that I will say is true, is we always pushed him. If you notice on celebrity apprentice, he’s trying to change his brand. And that’s what the show did for him. So, all of these opportunities Terrell Owens, that you’re getting, is a result of the T.O. show, which Monique and I did for you, so -You’re Welcome.

And on the other hand, I will say this, as far as clarity is concerned, Monique and I have never done anything to defame his character and I won’t do it now. But, what I will say is if he continues to say things it messes with my money. I work with other celebrities…O.K.? Who’ve done more than catch footballs. And it’s unfortunate because they hear him say things that make them think that our characteristics are a bit shaky, it’s messing with my professional lifeline and my brand. So, if he continues to do that, I will sue. Because at the end of the day, Terrell Owens didn’t make me. This chick right here has an MBA before you boo. And I will continue to move forward. So, love light, many lessons and Blessings. And all I’ll say is I wish him well and I just want him to do the same for us.”

kita williams & terrell owens
Kita and T.O. in better times

Have either of you tried to reach out to one another to reconcile your differences?

“I wish I could tell you why he’s upset? And if you saw Celebrity Apprentice, they eliminated him because he didn’t raise any money. And the hard part about that is you have to look at that from the perspective of, you’ve been in this business with multimillionaires, athletes, celebrities. You’ve hob knobbed with so many and you couldn’t get a couple of checks beyond $2,500? So, it says a lot of the seeds you’ve planted in the past. And the bridges you’ve burned. It has nothing to do with Monique and Kita. It has everything to do with Terrell Owens the man. With his baby mama drama, to his problems on the field with his quarterbacks and his teams, we’re not the issue!”

As far as watching him on Iyanla fix My Life, it turns out, Mo and Kita are the ones who suggested him for the show!

“We set that up for him blindly, because we felt like he needed it. We felt like he needed to see himself and Fix It!”

Can there ever be any resolve?

“Monique and I will speak the truth and when he’s ready to sit down and talk. I’m ready! Because the lies that he’s telling right now, are really getting on my nerves!”

Watch the interview:

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