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Tamika Fuller’s Reason for Losing Custody of Daughter Revealed, Ludacris Celebrates Court’s Decision

Ludacris-Tamika-Fuller*The reasons behind Tamika Fuller losing primary custody of the 13-month-old daughter she shares with Ludacris have been revealed.

A source who was in the courtroom when the verdict was handed down told that Fuller’s shaky finances and questionable parenting of her first child played a major role in presiding Judge Dorothy Downs’ decision to award primary custody of daughter Cai to Luda. For the judge, it was an issue of “her instability versus his stability” as she pointed out that Fuller’s  reported $800 a month salary as a housekeeping supervisor for a national hotel chain couldn’t compare to Ludacris’ finances, which enabled the rapper to provide for his daughter.

Down’s decision concludes the three-day trial, which found her hearing that Fuller disappeared for a few years after the birth of her eldest daughter. As a result, questions about child abandonment arose as the judge recommended that Fuller get a better paying job. As it turned out, Fuller’s expenses amount to four times her $800 a month salary.

Needless to say, Ludacris praised the judgment as he posted the following response on Instagram:

A photo posted by @ludacris on

Luda’s joy apparently garnered mixed reaction among fans, who voiced their feelings on social media. The following are some of the comments directed at Ludacris:

I’m truly upset about this. The mother must have been doing something right if she has been raising the baby from the beginning and the baby is healthy and not hurt. Money truly is the bigger evil.”

you are dead wrong. GOD is watching. I’ve lost respect for you.”

“Good job Luda, it’s about time men got some justice instead of getting screwed over by these gold diggers”

Still love you eff everyone else. Karma is growing up to be a beautiful young lady so I know you’ll do great with this one.”

Based on the decision, Madame reports that although Fuller will get to see Cai 11 days out of each month Ludacris will have her for the rest of the time.

In the following statement to, Fuller’s attorney, Lisa West, voiced her client’s reaction to the court’s decision:

“While Ms. Fuller is joyous that the court granted her joint legal custody and joint physical custody of the parties’ 13-month-old daughter, she is devastated (and quite perplexed) that the court designated Mr. Bridges as primary physical custodian. Despite this unexpected result, Ms. Fuller will continue to focus on her role as mother to their precious daughter and as co-parent to Mr. Bridges and awaits the time that the pain of today’s decision subsides. She expresses her gratitude to all of those who have supported her during this difficult period.”

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