Monday, May 20, 2024

Rosie O’Donnell Says Rosie Perez is NOT Leaving ‘The View’

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*Following reports that Rosie Perez is leaving “The View” after just four months, Rosie O’Donnell says her co-host isn’t going anywhere.

“No matter what you read anywhere Rosie Perez is also coming back after she is done rehearsing her play,” O’Donnell explained on the show Thursday. “And then she will be back here at her job regardless of what you hear on other shows or read in magazines, as I did last night at 11:40 and went — what the …?”

Sources told Variety that Perez would not be returning to the show after her January run of “Fish in the Dark” on Broadway is completed.

A rep for “The View” denied Perez, 50, would be dismissed from her post at the round table, claims Variety. However, insiders noted that Perez has had trouble following the show’s format of discussing both hard and soft news, as well as trouble reading the teleprompter.

In December, reports of a feud between Perez and O’Donnell surfaced. Perez denied any drama behind the scenes. “Me and Rosie are so tight,” she told Page Six at the time. “If she’s upset, she knows she can come to me and talk it out and vice versa.”

When a Twitter fan suggested that it’s been too long since Perez appeared at the round table, she replied, “Very sweet… Soon.”

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