Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Ray Rice ‘Not Ready’ to Discuss Domestic Violence Incident with Daughter

ray-rice*As hard as it may have been for Ray Rice to face the reality of the impact of punching his then-fiancée, Janay, in the face unconscious and being released from the Baltimore Ravens because of it, it may be harder for him to explain the infamous incident to his three-year-old daughter, Rayven.

The athlete touched on the topic Thursday (Dec. 17) during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show while opening up about the moment that resulted in him being charged with third-degree aggravated assault on Janay, who is now is wife. For Rice, the day that he ends up telling Rayven about what he did is something he is dreading.

“I have a daughter, and I couldn’t imagine that happening to my daughter,” Rice said. ”And that’s my lifelong journey for her, to raise her the right way, to make her understand that Daddy made the worst decision of my life, and to protect her from that.”

“The moment is going to have to come when I have to speak to her. She still asks about football, and I still have to craft enough responses to help her understand why I’m not playing. I’m not ready to have that talk with her yet, but when she’s old enough,” he added. “She knows how to use the iPad and the tablet, and would hate for here to learn how to type in my name, and the first thing that comes up is the video without having me to explain it to her.”

In addition to his family, Rice touched on his other passion in life, football. Although he admitted that real offers to play in the NFL again haven’t surfaced since he was reinstated, Rice is optimistic in his future in the sport while voicing his desire to return to the field.

“I do want to play football again and I’m not ready to give up,” he said.

So what say you? Any suggestions on how Rice should address his domestic violence incident with this daughter before she gets wind of it through outside sources?

To see Rice’s appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, check out the video and weigh in below with your thoughts:

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