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Paula Crear, Retired Educator … Takes the #30DaysToChange Challenge!

The #30DaysToChange Challenge is based on the devotional written by Dr. Nicky E. Collins and challenges people to set aside 30-days of their lives to make steps towards real/lasting change.  Columnist L.Michelle Salvant takes us inside each individual’s journey.

Paula Crear, A Retired Educator, Took The Challenge To Bring Inner Healing & A Closer Walk With God;

Paula Crear
Paula Crear

Paula Crear, also known as my Mom, was the first person in the Unites States to complete the 30 Days To Change Challenge…finishing the 30 Days To Change…Going From A What To A Wonder devotional and and emailing her “What Now” statement as a sign of completing the 30th challenge issued in the book.  There are three basic questions we ask everyone who completes the challenge and in this interview…my Mom shares more about how the challenge create a great awakening in her Life.  An awakening that shed some light on her innermost feelings about the physical/emotional pain and abuse she experienced while I was growing up…and how 35-years later…taking the Challenge has brought real healing.

Why Did You Take The Challenge?

I felt that I needed to take my Christian walk seriously.  I needed to make some real changes in my Life.  I had been a satellite partner of Higher Dimension Church online, but knew I needed more.  So in June of 2014, I found a local church and by October 2014 when Dr. Nicky Collins decided to write the book, I decided to take the Challenge.  When I took the challenge, I didn’t realize I was taking a walk through my Life, as a Christian and personally!

What Was Your Favorite Day Of The Challenge?

Day 8…

Using Your Pain To Fuel Your Purpose…

I began to think about the deaths of my family members, the domestic abuse in my first marriage, having my son removed from the home as a child and also being treated badly on my job.  That day made me realize it was God all along that made me stand strong.  It really made me take a look at how present the Lord was in my Life!  It helped me erase my questions about where God was during my trials and realize it was Him there with me all along. I struggled with my Faith for years, but I’m back now!  The challenge also gave me the strength to forgive my first husband and move forward.  I have no regrets, hatred, etc.

Now that you’ve completed the Challenge…What Now?

What I’m going to try to do is to continue to Praise the Lord.  I’m going to maximize my now by receiving all God has for me!  In all my situations, I will make it all of God and none of me.  I will serve God as much as I can!  Whatever the Pastor asks me to do, I will serve and do whatever it takes to do what the Lord wants me to do.

Paula Crear is married and lives in Jacksonville, FL.

30 Days To Change Graphic

About The Challenge

Give Your Life 30 Days

The 30 Day Challenge is a personal call to action for people everywhere to set aside 30-Days of their Life to receive a miraculous change.  Individuals are encouraged to use Dr. Nicky E. Collins’ new book, “30 Days To Change…Going From A What To A Wonder” as a guide for producing real, lasting Life-changing results. There is not set start date…and no ending date for this challenge.  It’s about individual commitment. The challenge is to set aside 30-days…no matter how long it takes,30-fully present(mentally/physically) days of your Life to see the miraculous happen.

L. Michelle Salvant
L. Michelle Salvant

About L. Michelle Salvant

Michelle Salvant is a Christian Lifestyle Blogger whose columns have been featured in publications across the United States. A 17- Year Media Veteran, Michelle owns an Online Media Company/Institute and serves as Senior Aide/Media Director for Life In The Now Ministries in Tallahassee, FL. She is happily married to SPC. Christopher King Salvant.

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