Sunday, May 19, 2024

Michelle Obama, Indian Weavers Hope Gift of 100 Handmade Saris Will Help Highlight Problem

Michelle Obama in New Delhi, India
Michelle Obama in New Delhi, India

*“If she likes our saris and decides to wear them, it will be a great gesture of beauty with purpose,” says Pervez Matin, whose family has been in the weaving business in India for three generations.

And that is why Indian weavers in  the city of Varanasi, want U. S. First Lady Michelle Obama to accept (and be a show piece for) their gift of 100 saris during her visit to New Delhi with her husband, president Barack Obama.

The craftspeople of India’s holiest city hope that with the First Lady’s acceptance of their gift, attention will be brought to the threat of competition that the centuries-old industry is now facing, according to what the local businessman told The Associated Foreign Press on Sunday.

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