Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Chris Brown Claps Back at Critics who Called Him ‘Soft’ after Nightclub Shooting

chris brown*Chris Brown was in quite the dangerous situation over the weekend. Five people were shot at a San Jose radio event where he was performing, according to HipHopDX.

Brown was quickly taken offstage when shots were fired, but his critics are blasting him for “flinching” during the shooting. He set them straight on Instagram.

(Scroll down to watch Brown’s reaction upon hearing gunshots.)

“None of these b-tcha– n—as bout that life. The most ignorant n-ggas ever! This ain’t no western. What idiot u know gonna stand there and get shot,” he posted.

He added, “rewind clip to LA when I wasssss the dumb one standing up by myself in the club when people were panicking and ducking for cover.”

He continued with, “bullets ain’t got no name especially when u got random n-ggas being n-ggas fighting in the club. Our society is f-cked up in the head and needs leaders. I don’t wanna lead a bunch of ignorant motherf-ckers. No individuality and having the mind state that positivity and respect is WACK! That’s some evil a– sh-t.”

Not only did Brown blast his critics for how stupid it would be of him to stand around when bullets were flying, he also spoke about his manhood and how he could get into any hood.

“Most of y’all favorite rappers is p-ssy! I go to the hood and go anywhere I want. No matter what becuz I’m a man!” he said.

He added, “ignorance is everywhere. People wanna say u change when u only f-ck wit the White sh-t but who wanna be around the bullsh-t all the time. Especially my a–. I always get the blame! So it’s f-ck u pay me. U don’t like it, find another n-gga like me.. Oh I forget, there ain’t one.”

But although he could get into any hood, it’s safe to say Brown doesn’t want to actually do this anymore. After the last shooting, the R&B bad boy had his manager cancel all of his nightclub shows that were deemed “too hood.”

A source told TMZ Brown called an emergency meeting where he told his crew he wasn’t going to perform at any venue with a history of violence or security issues.

He doesn’t want to be known for shootings. He’s trying to protect his image, himself and the fans who come to see him.  On Instagram, he made himself clear, “no more n***a parties! Only this type s**t!”

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