Wednesday, May 22, 2024

$300k Raised in 3 Days for Man who Walks 21 Miles to Work

James-Robertson*The goodness of the public is coming through loud in clear as the James Robertson fund at closes in on $300,000.

According to, donations have been pouring in since Robertson’s story of walking 21 miles to and from work for the last 10 years without any complaints surfaced. Evan Leedy, a student who was motivated to help Robertson after hearing his story, created the fund.

Three days after it’s creation, the fund has attracted a wealth of financial support as well as some folks calling Robertson the “Super Commuter.” Among his supporters are James Robertson fund co-founder and UBS Vice President of Wealth Management Blake Pollock.

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As it stands now, donations for the fund, many of which are being given anonymously, are approaching $11,300 and rising. Those who have chosen to reveal themselves with their contributions have voiced their feelings about Robertson through testimonials that were taken when the Robertson’s story was reported. The following are some of those testimonials via

“James, I’m so inspired by your story. I hope that you get to see another aspect of life that you never really got to enjoy because you were working so hard. May God continue to bless and keep you. You deserve every dollar we are giving you and more….” Sudane Lewis

“You [James Robertson] are an inspiration and a wonderful human! God will continue to keep you safe.” Tori

James Robertson fund total in 3 days

“To much time is focused on negativity. I am so moved by this story. I keep reading it over and over as well as all the positive comments. You [James Robertson] amaze me and inspire me with all of your efforts. Thank you.” Heather Martin

“I hope this gentleman [James Robertson] gets not only a car but the insurance and everything to maintain his vehicle. His story is aspiring for anyone that may be in a similar situation as his.” Larita Stanciel

“I am from kuwait and i found his story in Kuwait news paper, its my job to help James Robertson, all because my religion “Muslim” thought me to help the poor to survive. God will help you James Robertson.” Abdullah Alfalah

“We love you James! My 8 year old daughter was really touched by your story and wants you to know she is happy that you will recieve this blessing in your life. Thank you Evan for setting up this page!” Kristry Graham

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