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R. Kelly: ‘Our Culture Hasn’t Really Supported Each Other in Anything’

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*With his latest album not selling as much as you would think, R. Kelly is appealing to fans to support him while touching on the issue of them not supporting his musical endeavors.

The singer’s situation comes amid news of him walking out of an interview he did with HuffPost Live after he was questioned about past allegations of sexual assault. As a result, Kelly became a trending topic nationwide on Twitter on Monday (Dec. 21).

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Kelly’s walkout apparently didn’t do him any favors. The entertainer’s 13th studio effort, “The Buffet,” is having a rough time commercially since it’s release on Dec. 11 as sales have been slow compared to his 2013 album “Black Panties.”

With that, Kelly took to Facebook recently in an effort to get music fans to invest in “The Buffet.”

“I bust my ass going around doing shows to survive, but I do this for the love,” the singer said. “But come on, at some point we gotta start supporting each other. Everybody supports every other category of music, we gotta start supporting each other.”

For Kelly, the issue looks to be deeper than him and his music as he addressed what he described as a lack of support for R&B artists within the black community.

“It’s not about me; it’s not just about supporting R.Kelly,” Kelly told The Grio before doing his interview at HuffPost. “It’s about everybody supporting each other. It’s something that secretly nobody really speaks up about it,” he said. “I feel like for a long time our culture hasn’t really supported each other in anything, whether it’s music or anything else. We’ve been putting each other down a lot, and I think that needs to change.”

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Comparing the plight of black R&B artists to white counterparts such as Sam Smith and Robin Thicke, Kelly noted that their fans have seemingly shown unwavering support for them.

“White people come out and they support each other, and they buy each other’s music, and they don’t bootleg it… they don’t steal it, they don’t download it; they go out and support each other,” Kelly stated. “That’s why you got a lot of pop artists going 80 million platinum… video played all over the place. We have to as a culture support each other. I never thought about being pop and R&B and all these different categories. I just wanted to be music and wanted everybody to love my music. I don’t care what color they are. I didn’t write my music for no particular color.”

Kelly’s comments are the latest in efforts made by him to defend himself and his music against critics who have found fault with him in recent years.

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As his interview continued, Kelly labeled himself a seasoned ‘General’ in the R&B genre while expressing how he doesn’t want to resort to begging to get people to go out and buy his music.

“My message to my fans first of all is I wouldn’t want them to support anything that they didn’t feel in their heart was worth supporting,” Kelly said. “I don’t like to feel like I’m selling myself, because I’ve proven myself. Any fan out there that knows me, they know I’m real because they can feel it through my music because of everything I’ve been through. Everything I’m going through is channeled into my music, and that’s why people feel my music.



  1. Maybe black people just don’t want to support a man who abuses underage black girls. “I wouldn’t want them to support anything that they didn’t feel in their heart was worth supporting”. Well you said it there yourself mate- you’re not worth supporting!

  2. @TROOPIO don’t pull all the blame on R. Those little wenches knew what they were doing wasn’t right either.

  3. Why is it when black folks know they’ve done something wrong, then they start crying where’s “my people at,” “where’s the love?” Can we say OJ?

    R. Kelly, honestly, I’m surprised at how many people in the community still support your child sexual abusive ass.

    The topper is the insult he had the nerve to hurl at the achievements of his predecessors whose strength and courage is the backbone which have made it so that he can even be in the position he finds himself in today.

    So, NO, R. Kelly, I do not support nor stand by you.

  4. I’m a Fan And up until yesterday I had No idea the R . Kelly was being accused of sexually assaulting underage girls? I don’t put the blame solely on Mr. Kelly these girls know what their getting into .This man is a celebrity and rich so ,most are just at him for that purpose alone ! Now if he’s one of those I’m famous and the world is at my feet sort of dude , then God will have to judge that Not us…and it would be rather wise not to have sex tapes of those fetishes and or moment of weakness displayed for the world to see !
    Why not do what those ball players do ? Sign a consent to sex form get their drivers license ,state ID , something …No money transactions all jokes aside he was never convicted of the crime then we don’t know the whole story only what the media puts out ! Stay strong and God bless and he’s not a pedophile ?

    • That’s where you’re wrong chrisangel. Most young girls don’t know what they’re getting into when they go after grown, mature men. They don’t have the experience or knowledge that comes with age. That’s why there are laws to protect them from predators like Kelly, Jared and other child predators afflicted with a yearning for young children. And it’s your way of thinking that often convinces these molesters that what they are doing is harmless. It’s a sad and dangerous way to justify sharing the blame.

      • I have to agree with you on this. At the end of the day R. Kelly was the adult and he knew better. I regretfully saw that tape years ago and YES the young lady was experienced sexually, but she wasn’t an adult. She was clearly clueless as to what she was giving up for those few hundred dollars. Man, there is NOTHING a child or teenager can do to entice into sleeping with them because I know better. It’s not right! I KNOW BETTER! He KNEW BETTER! In the end he paid that young lady and her family to disappear and they did. However, people don’t forget. Everyone back then say that video… That young lady was branded for life. And the reality is that could have been anyone’s wayward daughter being exploited in that video. So, no, It’s not about support as much as it’s about him destroying the innocence of our youth. He never apologized. He keeps on singing about sex in the most explicit ways.

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