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Slim of 112 Talks Reunion Tour and ‘Refueling’ Music Industry

Slim, 112
Slim (via Rolling Out)

*Marvin ‘Slim’ Scandrick is best known for his unique voice and lead vocals in the Bad Boy group 112, and he recently revived a few of their 90’s classic during the 5th Annual fundraising event for Detroit based non-profit, Cool Smart.

Slim was a special guest at this year’s Tux and Chucks charity gala and turned the party out with a performance of hits like, “Dance With Me” and “Peaches and Cream.”

After 112 released their fifth album, “Pleasure & Pain,” in 2005, Slim embarked on a solo career – releasing the single “So Fly” in 2008, which reached #49 on the Billboard Hot 100. He dropped his debut album, “Love’s Crazy,” the same year, and a slew of hit singles since. He currently heads his own label, M3 Productions.

After his live gala performance, Slim chatted exclusively with Rolling Out about his career in the music business and his new album, “Refuel.”

Tell us more about M3, any projects coming out?
Slim: Oh yes, first off I’m proud of the first movement with everybody, big shouts out to Block Boyz. We dropped an album, Love’s Crazy, it sold 6 figures and “So Fly” went gold; it was crazy and that was like, independent. So from there, I guess, you know, I pretty much slowed down a little bit, music stuff started changing, a lot of things happened. I just think that it’s the perfect time now to come out with an album now entitled, Refuel.

The R&B game needs to be “Refueled.” Is that what you’re saying?
Slim: There you go, there you go; we just need to get it right back. At the time when I left it, I was the number 1 R&B artist. So, now sitting and listening to what’s going on now, you know, no shade at anybody ’cause they’re very talented cats. But, I’m from the 90s, so when you listen to the words, I’m just used to when men were men and women were the queens. You know, when you build an empire. I mean, I want to have a daughter and I want to make sure that that young lady and all the young ladies out there understand their worth. And know that to be a Queen, the man might run the whole situation but, you’re not going to get things poppin’ unless that woman feels like she’s who she’s supposed to be.

When is Refuel coming out?
Slim: Refuel, the album, is coming out sometime the first part of next year. But, I have a record called, “Never Gon’ Break Up,” and right now, Rich Homie’s in the studio now. The record’s crazy, I’mma tell you right now. Of course everybody knows we all from the ATL, so you know, great ties there, you know when I mean?

Are there any plans for 112 to reunite for a reunion album?
Slim: Well, 112, we’ve been doing shows for the last past three and half years. We’ve been traveling around the world, ya’ll will definitely be hearing something. There’s going to be a press conference with Bad Boy, Puff Daddy and the Family, the tour’s about to pop. That’s why we call ourselves a family; we always see each other.

Read Slim’s full interview here.


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