Friday, May 20, 2022

Diddy May Catch Break in UCLA Case, but Could Lose Liquor License

sean-diddy-combs*There is good news and bad news for Sean “Diddy” Combs regarding his situation with UCLA strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi.

The good news is the entertainment mogul could catch a break in the case, courtesy of a chiropractor with the New York Jets. In a letter TMZ Sports obtained from a female chiropractor that she sent to the Jets in 2010, the chiropractor claimed that Alosi got into a “fistfight” with Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis and added that the coach has a pattern of abusive behavior. As a result, the chiropractor stated that the Jets needed to get Alsoi under control.

According to TMZ, the chiropractor has sent the letter to Diddy’s team. The site notes that although that LA County D.A. Jackie Lacey will look at the case for possible felony prosecution, this could become a nonissue if the main victim is shown to look unsympathetic and violent. If this is the scenario, then chances of the case moving forward will be less likely.

In addition to the altercation with Revis, the chiropractor mentioned that she was verbally abused and humiliated by Alosi. She added that Alosi even tried to prohibit her from treating players because he was upset over petty issues involving towels and water.

Ultimately, Alosi was suspended during the Jets’ 2010 season for tripping a player during a game, TMZ reports, adding that it’s unclear how the team handled chiropractor’s allegations. At the end of the season Alosi resigned.

And now the bad news …

All the drama from the UCLA situation may result in Diddy losing his liquor license.

The New York Observer cited the following requirement from The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau that anyone who produces or manufactures must adhere to:

“Not, within five years prior to the date of application, been convicted of a felony under Federal or State law, and has not, within three years prior to date of application, been convicted of a misdemeanor under any federal law relating to liquor, including the taxation thereof…”

In light of Diddy’s arrest on June 22 for allegedly making felony terrorist threats while defending his son and UCLA football team member Justin Combs, this could spell trouble for the music mogul, who has partnerships with Ciroc and Diageo. If he is convicted, Diddy could lose his partnership with both companies.

“A convicted felon cannot be employed by a licensed manufacturer or wholesaler,” The State Liquor Authority in New York stated.

Following in the same line as New York, similar laws pertaining to a convicted felon possessing a liquor license exist in Michigan and Louisiana.



  1. This is so full of it, I cannot begin to tell it all. This is sounding more like the good O boys syndrome to me. If we can’t defeat you one way, we will hurt your pocket another way. Diddy, has done nothing to warrant this kind of abuse. He and his son where the victims here. It’s time for haters to stop hating on people making away for themselves. It’s moves like this that causes alot of unemployment. It’s called “Felonies”, which is so easy to be put on people of color. Once you’re label a felony, that about sums it up for your career if you are not a fighter, to achieve, through it all. It’s time for everyone to back off of Diddy.

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