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Fight Night in Cannes! Travis Scott and Tyga’s Camps in Heated Melee (Over Kylie?) At Star-studded Bash | WATCH

*The serene, glamorous backdrop of Cannes took a chaotic turn when the camps of hip-hop giants Travis Scott and Tyga clashed in an all-out brawl during an after-party. Multiple angles of the skirmish, involving Cher‘s boyfriend, Alexander “AE” Edwards, and 808 Mafia producer Southside, were captured and have been obtained by TMZ Hip Hop.

The melee erupted at an event hosted by the renowned promoter Richie Akiva. According to sources familiar with the situation, tensions ignited while both Travis and Tyga were on stage behind the DJ booth. Richie, attempting to hype the crowd, grabbed the mic and acknowledged the hip-hop stars with a shout-out, “We got T-Raww, AE, and Travis in the building.”

This seemingly innocuous comment did not sit well with Travis Scott, who appeared irked at being grouped together with Tyga, possibly due to their common past involving Kylie Jenner. In a swift reaction, Travis yanked the microphone from Richie’s hand, which prompted AE to confront him verbally in defense of his best friend Tyga.

Reports suggest the altercation escalated when Travis threatened Tyga’s security and stormed off-stage, only to return with Southside in tow. The situation quickly deteriorated as Southside and AE began pushing each other, escalating into a physical fight where AE landed several uppercuts. In an attempt to intervene, Travis pulled AE off Southside but nearly tumbled off the stage himself in the ensuing chaos.

Subsequently, AE and Travis found themselves grappling with each other across the stage. As news of the fight rapidly circulated on social media, it was mischaracterized by many as Travis Scott pummeling Tyga, adding a layer of confusion to the already tumultuous incident.

Despite the disorder, no one sustained serious injuries, and security was able to break up the confrontation. Post-brawl, Richie Akiva vehemently chastised all involved for the violence that marred his event.

Interestingly, while Travis and Southside opted to leave early, Tyga, AE, and their entourage remained at the party until the early hours as if nothing untoward had occurred.

However, TMZ says it’s spoken to other witnesses at the party who claim “AE” was the instigator, as he ran up on stage and initiated physical contact with Travis. Aha!

Alexander AE Edwards - Travis Scott (Getty)
Alexander AE Edwards – Travis Scott (Getty)

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