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The Pulse of Entertainment: Jazz Guitarist Reza Khan’s Release ‘Mystical’ is a Sweet Masterpiece

Jazz guitarist Reza Khan
Jazz guitarist Reza Khan to release new project ‘Mystical’ featuring Keiko Matsui, Jeff Lorber, David Mann.

*“This is my passion,” said Jazz guitarist Reza Khan about his music coming first before his career at the United Nations. “This comes first. I’ve been doing it for 50 years.”

Khan will release his newest project “Mystical” on March 15, 2024, with a stellar list of Jazz musicians assisting.

“I reached out to Keiko Matsui on Facebook,” Bangladesh native Reza said when asked about all the iconic support he has on this upcoming project “Mystical.” “This song (“Strum”) I co-wrote with Mann…and Keiko.”

Jazz saxman David Mann (keyboardist, drums, and flute) arranged, mixed, and produced the “Mystical” project. Aside from Grammy-nominated Keiko on piano, the “Mystical” album also features assistance from three-time Grammy-winning Jimmy Haslip on bass; Grammy-nominated Philippe Saisse on piano; two-time Grammy-winning Bob James on keyboards; Grammy-winning Jeff Lorber on the keyboard, and Billboard chart-topping Nils Jiptner on guitar.

“David was presented with three or four tunes….I said can you build on it…keeping radio in mind,” Reza Khan said as we talked about the new project. “He did a wonderful job. At my age, I have a strong opinion about my work. I asked David…to get the song radio-friendly. He had a couple of ideas.”

The result is a sweet masterpiece. Though you can certainly listen front to back because every last song can be a single release, I must say my favorites include #1 “Falcon” with Jeff Lorber because it is a sweet heavenly piece; #2, the title track, “Mystical” featuring David Mann. After all, it sounds just like its name very mystical with a Latin feel; #4 “Catalina’s Dream” featuring Philippe Saisse because it offers sweet and lovely vibes before becoming explosive – a great mixture; #8 “Strum” featuring Keiko Matsui because it sounds like fresh air, and #10 “Whispering Trees” because of its sweet simplicity. The first single off the “Mystical” project is #3 “Language of Love” featuring Bob James.

The ”Mystical” project also has support from vocalist Jennifer Grimm; Gary Novak on drums; Bernd Schoenhart on rhythm guitar; Brian Dunne on drums; Brendan Rothwell on bass; Mel Brown on bass; Lionel Cordew on drums, and Mark Egan. Khan will be hosting an album release concert on March 23, 2024, at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City. www.RezaKhanMusic.vom

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