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The Daily Wire Secures Gag Order Against Candace Owens

Candace Owens
Candace Owens is seen on set of “Candace” on March 29, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee. The show will air today. (Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images)

*Conservative news outlet “The Daily Wire” is said to have obtained a gag order against its former host, Candace Owens, allegedly without her awareness.

The move came as the company was publicly negotiating to arrange a public debate between Owens and the outlet’s co-founder, Ben Shapiro, according to the Independent.

We reported earlier that Owens challenged Shapiro to a debate about the Israel-Hamas war and the current definition of antisemitism. Shapiro accepted the challenge, but Owens said she would not debate him on The Daily Wire platform. She also suggested a neutral moderator, such as Joe Rogan or Lex Fridman, who accepted the offer to host a debate.

Jeremy Boreing, CEO of The Daily Wire, preferred to host the debate on the platform in Nashville, with “no ads on the video and no charge to watch it. No one cashes in,” he said. According to journalist Glenn Greenwald, however, the company engaged a private arbitrator to prevent Owens from publicly criticizing the company, citing her request for a debate as an example of such behavior.

The Daily Wire contended that Owens’ approach to requesting and negotiating the debate breached the terms of her contract, MEAWW reports

Greenwald wrote, “The Daily Wire has ensured that the debate with Owens that they publicly claimed to want could not, in fact, take place.”

He alleged that “any such debate would be in conflict with the gag order they obtained on Owens to refrain from expressing any criticisms of the site or of Shapiro.”

Boreing responded to the allegations by labeling them as “inaccurate to the point of being false,” yet he didn’t specifically refute any particular details of Greenwald’s claims. 

“I’m sure you can appreciate how fraught a high profile break-up like this is. For that reason, we are trying to resolve our issues with Candace privately,” Boreing told Greenwald.

In her own statement to Greenwald, Owens said, “I wish I could comment on this, but I can’t.”

Critics of The Daily Wire have labeled it a propaganda machine for Isreal, and Owens was allegedly fired for being an outspoken Christian and not condemning Palestinians amid the Israel-Hamas war. 

One X user claimed, “@RealCandaceO was fired for telling the truth. Now they’re silencing her and criticizing everyone for noticing. How much more obvious does it all have to be for people to get it?”

Another person wrote, “It’s antisemitism to criticize the daily wire. That’s the next bill that “our” government will pass.”

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