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Terrence Howard Claims Ownership of Pioneering Virtual Reality Patent

Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard on Joe Rogan / screenshot

*Terrence Howard made a few startling revelation during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, such as the claim that he owns the patent that laid the foundation for virtual reality.

The actor also explained that he can kill gravity and attempted to debunk the Pythagorean Theorem. As The Independent reports, Howard insisted that he could “rebuild Saturn without gravity.”

Rogan billed the episode as “one of the most interesting conversations [he’s] ever had.”

“It’s a wild one, and I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of mixed reviews, but as crazy as some of the things this man is saying are, he’s clearly brilliant, and if he’s right it’s going to change the world,” Rogan wrote on Instagram, the Daily Express reports.

During his discussion, the “Hustle & Flow” star revealed that his Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality patent was eventually abandoned, enabling other industry pioneers to fully exploit the capabilities of his invention.

“The entire AR VR world was built off of my first patent that was abandoned because I paid $260,000 for the worldwide patent, but then my lawyers kept sending me these maintenance fees and annuities and I’m like, ‘These folks are just tryna shake me down. I’m not gonna pay this,’ ” Howard said.

“It’s still making money. This patent has earned over 7 trillion dollars and you didn’t get a piece and I haven’t gotten a penny of it,” he added.

In another part of the interview, Howard claims he ‘sacrificed’ himself to ensure Robert Downey Jr. secured the Iron Man role.

Howard also detailed how he remembers’ being in his mothers womb and being circumcised.

“I was about six months maybe inside the womb and I’m like, ‘okay, don’t forget I’m here, don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget.’ You go to sleep. You wake up again,” he recalled. “Now something’s moving in front of you and you’re like, oh, that’s my friend, but I had a different name for it. I didn’t know it was my hand.”

When Rogan replied, “You remember coming out?” Howard explained, “I remember being compressed and you want to panic, but you’re flooded with some serotonin and dopamine to where you feel relaxed and you go right back to sleep and you remember being born,” he said. “I remember being circumcised. I remember the whole nine.”

Howard also mentioned that he and his team are on the verge of ‘defying gravity’.

“We’re about to kill gravity. We’re about to kill their God, gravity, and they don’t want that,” he said.

Watch highlights from Howard’s conversation with Joe Rogan via the Twitter video embeds above and below.

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