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Sexyy Red Arrested in NJ Airport Brawl Caught on Surveillance Video | WATCH-it-Happen

*Rapper Sexyy Red found herself in hot water this weekend after being arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport following a brawl. What started as a minor offense revealed a larger altercation captured on surveillance footage.

The incident occurred early Saturday morning, with police called to the scene as tensions escalated between two groups. TMZ Hip Hop obtained the surveillance video showing the chaotic scene unfold at one of the terminals.

In the footage, several men can be seen tumbling into view, immediately engaging in a fistfight. Moments later, Sexyy Red, easily identifiable by her red bonnet, steps into the frame. She appears ready to join the fray, brandishing a ground stand and waving it threateningly.

Fortunately, before she could make contact, someone intervened and pulled her away from the chaos.

Airport security and personnel were also visible in the video, attempting to control the situation. Despite their efforts, the scuffle continued until police arrived and arrested several individuals, including Sexyy Red.

The Port Authority provided further details, stating that Sexyy Red was arrested for disorderly conduct, while others involved faced assault charges. The victims of the brawl were transported to the hospital with minor injuries.

Sexyy Red addressed the incident on social media later in the weekend. She confirmed her release, stating she “just got out,” and even offered to replace the phone of someone involved in the altercation. Despite the chaotic circumstances, she appeared to maintain a positive outlook.

Efforts to reach her representatives for additional comments have so far been unsuccessful. This incident marks another dramatic chapter in the rising star’s career, highlighting both the intensity of her public persona and her ability to handle adversity with a surprising level of composure.

Sexyy Red airport incident
Sexyy Red airport incident

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