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Kim Burrell Responds After Being Called ‘Arrogant’ and ‘Rude’ When Telling Churchgoer to Hush | WATCH

Kim Burrell apologizes
Kim Burrell

*Days after a video captured her hushing a churchgoer singing with her during a recent church service performance, Kim Burrell is speaking on what took place.

The gospel vocalist, who encountered severe backlash over the incident, addressed the incident via video, saying her solo performance was part of her ministry.

“I’m in the middle of ministry and you know how you close out a sermon? And I’m singing ‘thank you, lord,’ I’m thinking I’m singing a solo, and you always got that one that has to join in, and I heard her, y’all. She was singing and I was going, ‘thank yo…ma’am,” Burrell said while recalling the viral incident.

“I was operating in things of the spirit. Sometimes when I operate publicly, everybody doesn’t understand the dispensation of what I’m operating in, they just see me as Kim the singer that’s not being ‘the singer,’ who is not always the singer. I’m the preacher, I’m the person with the gift of prophetic..but anyway.

“I’m sitting there singing and I keep hearing her, and the man in front of her said, ‘She’s trying to tell you, ma’am.’” she continued, adding she and the woman who sang alongside her were fellowshipping together as the service continued. “So this was somebody who was disconnected in the service, but it was cool. But, if you go further into the video, you gon’ see what happened. I pulled her up and she went to dancing. What a time we had.”

Burrell’s response comes after a negative reaction to the video of the incident on social media. Those who viewed the video were not shy with how they felt about Burrell as they labeled the entertainer “arrogant” and “rude” for attempting to stop someone from worshipping in the house of the Lord, Vibe noted.

In the video, the woman is seen wearing a face mask. In response to the woman’s singing and her sporting a face mask, Burrell told the woman, “Let that mask work for you. I’m singing alone.”

Needless to say that fanned the flames further for critics put off by the entertainer’s language.

“The way I would’ve cursed her smooth out, and apologized to the church afterward, then told the pastor & church ima gone head and go because my spirit is NOW not of God!” a person posted on X (formerly known as Twitter)

On Instagram, the feedback continued, with a user weighing in with, “That’s One rude saint I tell ya,” and another stating,” Do not sing a congregational song and expect the congregation not to join in. She comes across as very mean-spirited and folks let her get away with it because she can sing.”

As she went into her remarks on the mask the woman wore, Burrell stated it was a reminder that COVID is still an issue that was present.

“COVID is starting to rise again, just like I told her, let that mask work for you!” she explained.

Citing the original clip of Burrell’s performance, Vibe highlighted the singer telling the woman, “It’s a solo. God’s using me. Don’t sing with me right now,” and “I’m singing alone now. Ma’am, ma’am, with that mask … Let that mask work for you. I’m singing alone. … I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

The viral video marks the latest incident in which Burrell has been accused of making controversial comments. In previous happenings, she has referred to gay people as “perverted,” called out fellow gospel fixture Yolanda Adams for not defending her, and threw shade regarding Fantasia Barrino’s voice while praising gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson.

So, what say you? Do you feel Burrell was operating in her ministry and not intentionally coming down on the woman singing alongside her? Or was it a case of her being “arrogant” and “rude” towards someone worshipping in her own special way in the church. Scroll below to weigh in.

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