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Cast of ‘Bold & Bougie’ Talk Drama, Success and Ambition | EUR Video Exclusive


*We caught up with the cast of WE TV’s newest reality series from producer Carlos King, “Bold & Bougie,” which premiered February 15.

The unscripted series features Atlanta-based women, including Malaysia Pargo, Tameka Foster, Gocha Hawkins, Princess Banton-Lofters, and Crystal Smith.

Per the official synopsis, “The women of Bold & Bougie have spent their entire lives being cheerleaders for others. Now, it’s their turn to be the center of attention as they support each other and form an unbreakable sisterhood. In each hour-long episode, witness the growing pains that come from love, loss – and hangovers, because they still know how to have a good time,”

The series description continues, “As they celebrate milestones, the women showcase their vibrant personalities and zest for life. However, this sisterhood isn’t without its challenges. From career aspirations to personal relationships, each faces unique challenges and triumphs. Some must confront and mend strained relationships, while others lean on each other during both the highs and lows of their journeys. Above all, these women have one common mission: To survive in this dog-eat-dog world, they’ll need to change their narrative and how they have previously been perceived by those around them.”

Check out the trailer below.

“WE tv prides itself in celebrating untold stories and exploring unchartered territories. Bold & Bougie captures raw and authentic moments as these courageous and unapologetic women break free from societal constraints, embrace their true potential and refuse to be defined by their age or labels. WE are elated to help share their stories,” said Brett Dismuke, Head of Content, WE tv and ALLBLK.

Meet the cast below.

Bold & Bougie
Malaysia Pargo

Malaysia Pargo is an entrepreneur and mother of three coming off an eye-opening year. After a public divorce from former NBA player Jannero Pargo and already known in the reality TV world for some of her struggles, Malaysia is ready to remove the curtains and expose anyone who doesn’t serve her! In the past, Malaysia cared so much about being liked that she lost herself in protecting everyone else’s feelings before her own. Now, she’s had her wake-up call and will no longer be silenced by anyone moving forward.

Bold & Bougie
Tameka Foster

Tameka Foster is a wardrobe stylist to Hollywood’s elite, podcaster, author and passionate mother who is embracing her soon-to-be empty nester life. After ending her marriage to R&B legend Usher, and with her kids leaving home soon, it’s time to make some changes. She’s doing everything she put off because she was so busy with motherhood; from exotic vacations to changing addresses, Tameka is quite literally— on the move.

Bold & Bougie
Gocha Hawkins

Gocha Hawkins is a restauranteur, mother of two and a grandmother of four. Born into trauma, heartache, and spending her early 20s in prison has given Gocha a tough exterior and a blunt personality. She’s a self-made millionaire and keeps her circle of friends tight. She’s now living in her “unfiltered unapologetic” era with her wife. 

Bold & Bougie
Princess Banton-Lofters

Princess Banton-Lofters is a successful talent scout, business owner and mother of two, with a teetering marriage, on a quest for recognition. This Queen Maker is on a crusade for her own spotlight, desperate to step out of the shadows she’s cast for so many others.

Bold & Bougie
Crystal Smith

Crystal Smith is a restaurant owner and single mother of three fresh off a tumultuous year featuring a nasty divorce from singer-songwriter Ne-Yo. Now, she is ready to embrace her wild side by going after the things that make her happy. Divorced and drama-free, it’s time for Crystal to get her groove back!

EUR’s Ny MaGee spoke to the cast about their journey on the new series and how they hope the show contributes to broader conversations about women’s empowerment and representation in media. Watch our exclusive conversation via the clip below.

Tune in to new episodes of “Bold & Bougie” weekly on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on WE tv.

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