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Barbara Lee Went All In and LOST Her Senate Race and Congressional Seat – What Now? | VIDEO

*The stage is set for a Senate showdown between Adam Schiff and Steve Garvey in November, as Katie Porter and Barbara Lee step down from their congressional positions. Lee, who finished fourth in the Senate race, expressed gratitude to her supporters and outlined her future political aspirations.

“I extend my heartfelt thanks to all my supporters and dedicated volunteers who tirelessly made calls, knocked on doors, and engaged in remarkable grassroots efforts to connect with communities statewide. Our collective voices and principles resonated strongly:

Californians deserve fair wages, an inclusive economy, housing and healthcare as fundamental rights, equitable treatment across racial and economic lines, public safety for all, and decisive action on climate change.

“We also delivered a resounding message on the imperative of advocating for a permanent ceasefire and addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza,” Lee emphasized, contrasting her views with Schiff, who opposes a ceasefire.

Barbara Lee
Barbara Lee

Despite the electoral outcome, the 77-year-old legislator remains committed to serving her district and state, focusing on issues such as gun violence, climate justice, and democracy.

“As a Congressmember and proud Californian, I remain dedicated to serving my district and California. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with our grassroots coalition to urge our elected officials to take bold measures against gun violence, champion climate justice, defend reproductive freedom, safeguard and fortify our democracy, and prioritize the needs of working people over corporate interests or the affluent. We will persist in mobilizing voters across the state and demanding comprehensive action for a better California, refusing to settle for half-hearted measures. I extend congratulations to my colleague, Rep. Adam Schiff, on his progress in this race.”

Lee’s political career includes involvement in significant legal actions, securing funding for HBCUs, and chairing the State and Foreign Operations Committee. She has also been instrumental in legislation protecting domestic violence victims and students from hate crimes.

Lee was elected to Congress in 1998 and has been re-elected twelve times thereafter.

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