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Grand Theft Auto VI Black Character’s Twerking Ignites Outrage Over Game’s New Trailer | WATCH

*Grand Theft Auto VI may not be released until 2025, but the game’s official trailer is igniting outrage over risqué dancing done by a black character.

The anger stems from the character, a black woman, twerking on top of a car. Despite its reputation for featuring hedonism, debauchery, prostitutes, strippers, drug deals, gunplay, and X-rated scenes, the Grand Theft Auto franchise still attracts controversy from those who are put off by the imagery

The online backlash over the trailer hasn’t dampened anticipation over GTA VI. The preview alone generated nearly 70 million views in less than 16 hours after its Dec. 5 release, after an earlier version leaked online, reports Sandra Rose.

“Our trailer has leaked so please watch the real thing,” GTA VI developer Rockstar Games stated in a post on Twitter/X.

Set in the fictional Vice City, Grand Theft Auto VI will mark the debut of Lucia, its first female lead character Lucia who was just released from prison.

Twerking will not be the only controversial thing found in the GTA VI trailer. As one Twitter/X user noted, cultural stereotypes will not be hard to find in the clip.

“I’m glad I grew up on GTA 5 so I just stab people with glass bottles and do carjackings,” the user said. “If I grew up on GTA 6 I’d be twerking on a cop car and drinking a fourty while picking my teeth with a chicken wing bone after a bit meal of watermelon and weed.”

The GTA VI trailer situation comes days after actor James Woods re-posted an old video on X/Twitter in November, showing Black women twerking on top of a police car.

“As you count your blessings today, give thanks you don’t live here,” the entertainer wrote in the video’s caption.

Taking Woods’ lead, his followers targeted the twerkers in the video with racist comments.

“They will twerk anywhere they can. Be it in a nice restaurant, or on top of a moving cop car one Twitter/X user wrote.” It’s the ‘LOW IQ’ dance. It fends off any respectable male companions, while attracting ‘LOW IQ’ black dudes. No valuable male wants their future kids mother to be a nasty thot.”

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