Thursday, September 29, 2022

‘The Woman King’ is Fighting Her Way to Number ONE – But There’s Backlash! | WATCH

*So far on its opening weekend, “The Woman King” is holding her own. at the box office. The film had an especially good opening night.

The African history big-budgeted production took in $6.85 million when it was released in theaters on Friday (09-16-22), according to IMDB’s Box Office Mojo.

“Woman King,” which cost $50 million to make, is projected to take in anywhere from $13.5 million to $22.5 million during its domestic debut, says Forbes.

The film about female African warriors started to draw great buzz when it made a splashy debut at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month, according to Variety.

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Deadline reports that “as expected, women are the majority at Woman King at 60%, with 58% over 35 and 39% over 45, another promising sign for an older demographic that was reluctant to head out during the height of the pandemic.

“Black moviegoers turned out at 59%, with Caucasians at 19%, Latino and Hispanic at 12%, and Asian/other at 10%. The Woman King saw its best business in the East and South, where seven of the top ten runs came from. LA’s AMC Burbank and the Grove also ranked in the top ten, along with the Country Club in Chicago.

“PLF screens and Imax auditoriums are repping 43% of Woman King‘s weekend ticket sales at this point in time. Best markets were NYC, Atlanta, DC, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Philly, Miami, Baltimore, Orlando, Detroit, and Tampa.”

In response to the #BoycottWomanKing crowd, we just saw the film, which is EXCELLENT. Those who are accusing the film as one that “glorifies slave traders” have it WRONG. That issue is definitely dealt with head-on in the film. (Oops! We just gave away a plot point. Don’t worry, there are more. Lots more and a hella twist or two or three.) Director Gina Prince-Bythewood and Star/Producer Viola Davis have got a hit and instant classic on their hands. This has Oscar written all over it

What about the rest of the box office?  Here’s MORE via the NY Post:

In second place is “Barbarian” which earned over $1.96 million.

The horror-thriller tells the story of a young woman, played by Georgina Campbell, who discovers the remote home she booked on Airbnb was double-booked by a man, portrayed by Bill Skarsgård.

“Pearl,” the prequel to Ti West’s “X,” landed in third with over $1.3 million in sales on Friday, its opening night. Also a horror flick, it has “some sex and plenty of gore, but mostly an atmosphere of feverish, lurid melodrama leavened with winks of knowing humor,” according to its review in The New York Times.

The murder mystery “See How They Run” jogged to fourth place with a little over a $1 million-dollar take.

“Bullet Train,” which opened on Aug. 5, slowed down to fifth place this week with $700,000 in sales. The Brad Pitt-led action flick has taken in $94.6 million domestically and $119.3 million in international sales since its debut.




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