Thursday, September 29, 2022

‘And Then We Had Sex’ Said to be the Fastest Growing Podcast Comedy Show | WATCH

*Kristen Sivills and J-Rod Tanner married, and then there was a pregnancy. Nothing unusual up to that point. But as Kristen was pregnant (with twins), J-Rod hatched a plan on how to promote her brand of comedy, now that she was recovering at home.

J-Rod, at last, came up with the “And Then We Had Sexpodcast idea. That was four years ago. The podcast has since grown to be the fastest comedy this year.

So, how did it happen so fast? According to the married couple, the show is about their “unconventional world of sex, comedy, and uninhibited truth.”

Because one spouse is a comedian while the other is a writer, it is no wonder they are moving this fast, riding through uninhabited paths, reports

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They are uncensored and hilarious, while also providing insightful and intellectual viewpoints.

They never shy away from discussing relationships and sex while also opening up about the intimate parts of their own marriage.

Because one of them is a comedian, there is always more than enough dose of laughter.

The show is now one of the rapidly growing podcasts; it is watched in over 30 countries. It also boasts thousands of weekly streams and downloads.

The pair talk to their friend, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur (CEO of about their rise, the awkwardness of sex as a topic and what their future plans are (watch it at the top of the page).

It’s a must-see interview, especially for those trying to find a way into the business when there seem to be limited options.

The couple seems to be ever on tour throughout the year. Click HERE for the tour dates.




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