Friday, August 12, 2022

Shaun King Catching Heat for Using Donor Funds to Buy Show Dog Worth $40k
Shaun King

*Shaun King is catching heat on social media for buying a thoroughbred show dog worth $40k.

King haters are accusing him of using donor funds to make the lavish purchase. According to the Washington Free Beacon, King’s Grassroots Law PAC “paid roughly $40,000 since December to the California-based Potrero Performance Dogs, according to campaign finance disclosures,” the outlet writes. The payments are labeled “contractor services.”

Shortly after giving the organization $30,650 in February, King became the owner of an award-winning mastiff bred by Potrero named Marz.  In a now-deleted post on Facebook, King noted that he had welcomed a “new member of the King family” but he allegedly returned the dog because it had “too much energy,” according to a report Monday, per the New York Post.

King’s post said Marz would provide “alertness and protection” for his family, according to the Free Beacon.

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Shaun King

Here’s more from the Free Beacon:

Grassroots Law PAC, which aims to “elect candidates who are committed to reducing mass incarceration and police violence,” has spent nearly as much on King’s pet as it has on political candidates. The PAC has contributed around $56,000 to political candidates since 2021. It paid $10,000 to Potrero in December and another $30,650 on Feb. 16.

“This luxury dog expense may not be illegal for a PAC, but it shows little respect for King’s donors,” said Scott Walter, the president of Capital Research Center, which investigates left-wing groups.

King has repeatedly faced scrutiny over his fundraising efforts and has denied allegations of fraud and mishandling donation funds. In 2019, he gave a “team of experts” an “unfettered look at his finances” and the $34.5 million he raised for the Black Lives Matter movement, according to Medium.

“In short, we find absolutely no evidence that Shaun has ever inappropriately accessed any funds that he has raised,” the Shaun King Financial Review Board wrote.

“We searched and we asked. Not one single family, charity, cause or campaign said Shaun was ever compensated, directly, or indirectly, for his online fundraising.”

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