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Jenifer Lewis Convinced Would-Be Rapist That She Had an STD So He Wouldn’t Attack Her

actress Jenifer Lewis
Jenifer Lewis

*We previously noted that “Black-ish” star Jenifer Lewis detailed in her 2017 memoir “The Mother of Black Hollywood” that when she was in her early 20s, she convinced her would-be rapist that she had an STD that he would contract if he tried to force sex on her.

At the time, Lewis was a struggling actress living in New York City. Per I Love Old School Music, “a rapist posed as a delivery man barged into her home after she answered the door” and held a knife to her throat. The man threatened Lewis and attempted to rape her.  

Here’s what she revealed via People: “Suddenly a guy came into my apartment with a knife. He tried to rape, but I talked myself out of that. It was the greatest performance of my life.”

She then explained what happened after she convinced the man not to sexually assault her.

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Jenifer Lewis in yellow
Jenifer Lewis

In the following excerpt from her book, Lewis noted how she took a moment to make an emotional connection with the man:

“I shouldn’t be doing this!” [the attacker said.] “Especially to a sister. They locked me up for some s— I didn’t do! I just got out.” … Suddenly I saw how skinny, fragile, and vulnerable this kid was. I sat down next to him and put my arm around his shoulder.

“I’m sorry that happened to you. I will help you. Let me give you my number and you can call me.” “I’m sorry. I know you are gonna tell, but I just want you to know I am sorry.”

He was not evil. He was just f—– up. He left and I stood in shock. Then I fell to my knees and fainted.

Elsewhere in the book, Lewis opens up about her battle with bipolar disorder and sex addiction that kicked in when she moved to New York City after college. This was during a time when she found success in several Broadway productions, PEOPLE reported. 

“Performing on Broadway was a rush,” she writes. “The applause coming over the footlights was like a tsunami in slow motion. The crash after the show, I assure you, is just as intense. Let’s just say that post show I had a sort of habit of sex serving as a nightcap. I was Cleopatra, Pam Grier, Marilyn Monroe, and Jezebel rolled into one. For me, nothing could extend the thrill of a standing ovation like great sex with a gorgeous guy.”

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