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Sha’Carri Richardson Calls On Media to Respect Athletes | Video

Sha'Carri Richardson - Gettyeam Trials - Day 2
Sha’Carri Richardson (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

*Sha’Carri Richardson says athletes deserve more respect from media during post-interviews.

Richardson delivered her fiery speech after she failed to qualify for the 200-meter final at the USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships last Thursday. 

“I’m coming to speak, not just on my behalf but on all athletes’ behalves, that when you guys do interviews, y’all should respect athletes more,” Richardson said, New York Post reports “Y’all should understand whether they’re coming from winning, whether they’re losing, whatever the case may be. Athletes deserve way more respect than when y’all just come and throw cameras into their faces.

“Understand how an athlete operates and then ask your questions. Then be more understanding of the fact that they are still human, no matter just to the fact that y’all are just trying to put something out in an article to make a dollar. Thank you.”

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Richardson also addressed a promise she made last year: to be a World Champ in 2022.

“I know what I say lol y’all can’t clown me,” Richardson tweeted. “Didn’t get it done, no excuses. Y’all don’t deserve my story. NEXT!!”

Richardson later took to her Instagram Story to say in a video “the journey has yet to end.” 

“No excuses, sorry if y’all was looking for one. That’s not who I am. Y’all be blessed!! No reason to explain.”

In a separate video after Sunday’s race, Richardson discussed what’s next for her.

“Honestly I want to be at the forefront and I’m willing to be that sacrificial lamb for the simple fact of years and generations have gone by and nobody has said anything. The top people have literally just got their dollars and walked away from the sport, not worried about the little guy and that’s not fair because we all want the same thing when we step on to the track. We all want the next generation to be themselves.”

The Nike athlete also had a message for her critics. “To the one that swear they know me & my story and think track ruined my life,” she wrote over a video that showed her sitting on grass, laughing. “I would say kiss my ass but y’all can’t afford it.”

As reported by Blavity, Richardson placed 10th in the women’s 200m final semifinals at the 2022 U.S. Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Oregon. As a result, she will not represent Team USA at the World Championships in July.

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