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Wait. What?! Joy Behar Says Gun Laws Will Change ‘Once Black People Get Guns’ | WATCH

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*“The View’s” Joy Behar outrageously said gun laws in the country will change once more Black people stockpile firearms. 

During Wednesday’s episode of the show, guest host Lindsey Granger told the tale about a Black man in Connecticut who she said built his own AR-15 assault-style rifle to defend his home after witnessing a home invasion at his neighbor’s house.  

Granger said the state of Connecticut doesn’t allow you to buy AR-15 assault-style rifles. “He has one in his house to protect his family because he never wants to see that happen again. He is a Black man, it’s odd, most AR-15 owners are former military, 35-plus and married,” she explained. “They’re not just crazy people.”

That’s when Behar interrupted Granger, saying: “Here’s the thing: once Black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change. Trust me.”

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Co-host Sunny Hostin co-signed Behar’s statement. “That’s what happened with the Black Panthers,” Hostin said. “Know your history.”

Hostin was referring to the Mulford Act that was passed in California in the late 60’s which prohibited the open carry of loaded firearms without a permit.

The bill was “an attempt to curb the power of activist group the Black Panthers, who at the time often performed armed patrols,” Newsweek writes

Here’s more from the report: 

The most recent data provided by the National Firearms Survey published in July 2021 show that demographically gun ownership is pretty diverse, with 25.4 percent of firearms owned by Black people, 28.3 percent owned by Hispanics, 19.4 percent owned by Asians and the majority, 34.3 percent, owned by White people.

Granger noted on “The View” that Black gun ownership increased in 2020

“Here’s the bottom line to this,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said. “We all need to get off our a—- and get out and vote.” 

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