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‘Bridgerton’ Star Ruby Barker Taking Mental Health Break: ‘I’ve Been Really Unwell’

Ruby Barker Taking Mental Health Break
‘Bridgerton’ Star Ruby Barker / Twitter

*“Bridgerton” actress Ruby Barker is stepping back from the hit Netflix series as she receives treatment for mental health issues.

Barker shared a video on Instagram Thursday saying she’s been “really unwell,” and wanted to be transparent with her followers.

“I am better. I’ve been really unwell for a really long time. And I just want to be honest with everybody. I have been struggling, you know? So I’m in hospital at the minute. I’m gonna get discharged soon and hopefully get to continue with my life,” she said.

Watch her video below.

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“I’m going to take a bit of a break for myself and I want to encourage others, if you are struggling, please do yourself a favor, take a break,” Barker continued. 

She captioned the post: “Mental health week is every week for me… I’ve been struggling since Bridgerton, this is the truth.”

Barker went on to encourage anyone who is struggling with mental health problems to seek help.

“It is mad out here. It is mad,” she said in the video. “And sometimes you just got to take a break. You’ve got to say, ‘I can’t do this right now. I need support.’ And, and that’s basically where I’ve gotten to. I haven’t hit rock bottom. I’m on new heights.”

She added, “I will talk to you about that at another time.”

Watch her full commentary via the Instagram clip below.


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