Friday, July 1, 2022

Why Proposed Gun Measures Won’t Stop Killers Like Salvador Ramos

Salvador Ramos and AR-15s (Texas DPS-Instagram)
Salvador Ramos and AR-15s (Texas DPS-Instagram)

*None of the measures on guns that people have proposed would stop the Salvador Ramos of the world, err, United States. The problem is far greater than just slapping restrictions on access to weapons of war.

Here’s why it won’t according to columnist/opinion writer Earl Ofari Hutchinson:

  1. This doesn’t address the gun culture, craze, or fixation embedded deep in the American psyche.
  2. This doesn’t address the violent movie, film, TV, and Video slavish adoration of guns and violence by many Americans.
  3. This doesn’t address the fact that teens such as the teen mass murder monsters are mentally and socially adrift in a hostile alienating society with few resources/access to help, support, and counseling.
  4. This doesn’t address the deep wellspring of racist, dehumanizing messages sent daily through the media and the culture, particularly of/about minorities and women and LGBT persons that these impressionable, immature, and adrift killer youth are influenced by.
  5. This doesn’t address the alienation that an ego, individual, greed, and selfish system inculcates into millions of Americans–especially the young.

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Robb Elementary School - Uvalde, TX / Getty
Robb Elementary School – Uvalde, TX / Getty

In other words, all the laws and restrictions in the world wouldn’t have stopped Ramos and the other mass murderers from their monstrous acts–they would have gotten their guns from somewhere and found a way to act out their alienation and rage.

Why: The problem is a profound, deep, and embedded American structural problem that must be addressed as such–or else.




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