Saturday, July 2, 2022

Steve Harvey’s Priceless Reaction After Disapproval by A ‘Family Feud’ Contestant | WATCH

Steve Harvey Family Feud (screenshot)
Steve Harvey Family Feud (screenshot)

*Steve Harvey, the Family Feud Show host, loves being in the know – it gives him control. However, when he doesn’t, which rarely happens, things can get a little tense which was the case recently.

The host asked the contestants to name something about Miss Piggy that other pigs make fun of. Linda from the Morrow family instantly hit the red buzzer and gave her answer – bows/hair – followed by Shardae from the Estep family, whose answer was “her husband.”

However, the last answer didn’t sound right with Steve Harvey, who went into a brief moment of shock before confessing that he didn’t know that Miss Piggy had a husband.

Shardae proceeded to prove her host wrong regarding Miss Piggy’s love life. As it turns out, Shardae’s answer was correct, considering that the character dates a frog. The audience watching from home on YouTube quickly gathered in the comment section to discuss the hilarious moment.

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The incident also led to another discussion in which the fans debated whether Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog were a couple. One of the fans said that he doesn’t think the two characters are married.

However, at the end of The Muppets Take Manhattans (1984 film), which features Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog, these two characters vow to exchange their vows and get married in the presence of all Muppets – making Shardae right. Although Steve Harvey didn’t immediately let go of the hilarious moment, it was exciting for him, the contestants, and the fans – a rare moment of the great host being mocked by the board as some fans commented. Another fan added that the Family Feud Show is one of their best – makes them happy – and it is even better than humorous Steve Harvey is the host (his personality is also great, according to the fan).




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