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Charles Mattocks on A Mission to be a Vessel of Change | EURexclusiveLISTEN

Charles Mattocks
Charles Mattocks turned his life around and is helping others do the same via multiple health-oriented TV shows & productions including 8 Days, 8 Days Reversed and Our Body Is Thy Temple. Info at https://www.bellaandellemedia.com/

*Charles Mattocks has harnessed a multi-faceted career that entails music, film, video, writing,  producing, culinary arts, and health advocacy. His early passion for music resulted in being signed to Tommy Boy Records.  Charles had a hit single and even worked with Redman, PMD, Russell Simmons and L. L. Cool J.

Charles later submitted to a greater calling in his life thanks to early inspiration from his late uncle Bob Marley.

His penchant turned away from merely serving his own desires and he moved toward serving humanity.  His focus became health equity and awareness, especially as it relates to people of color.

With the birth of the docuseries “8 Days Life Health Journey” and “8 Days Reversed,” Charles has become a traveling guru providing life-changing alternatives to those battling chronic diseases, especially diabetes.

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EURweb’s LaRita Shelby spoke with Charles about what inspired his personal and professional journey.

Charles Mattocks: “When I was diagnosed with diabetes about 12 or 13 years ago it was a shocker.  I started to do a lot of work in the diabetes space because there was no one who looked like me. I said that it would not only be a good space for me to tell my story but also a good business and we had tremendous success with helping people with their diabetes and even reverse their diabetes.”

Mattocks takes on traditional health care systems and Big Pharma, challenging regimented pharmaceutical models that are seemingly structured to make money off of sick people versus making them well.

Charles Mattocks: “8 Days came out of wanting to stick with these amazing series, that are the first of its kind where we kind of took a look and a deep dive at people with these conditions and we started bringing in experts to talk about these conditions and living through these people’s journeys.”

Charles Mattocks was further inspired to be a health advocate when his father’s cancer diagnosis led to his rapid passing.  That’s how “8 Days Reversed” came about. The “8 Days” docuseries aired on the Discovery Channel. Meanwhile, Charles Mattocks’ new show is titled “Our Body Is Thy Temple” and is forthcoming in September 2022 on Amazon, the Cox network, Nubian TV and more.

Charles Mattocks gives hope to patients with cancer, diabetes and other chronic conditions via his travelling TV series 8 Days Life Health Journey.
Charles Mattocks gives hope to patients with cancer, diabetes and other chronic conditions via his travelling TV series 8 Days Life Health Journey.

The Mattocks business model is evolving with more outreach and more content but this is how Charles describes the most important facet: “The goal with what we’re trying to do is to be a vessel of change.”

Charles Mattocks’ content can also be seen on YourHealthNetwork.com.  For more information visit his website BellaandEllemedia.com or CharlesMattocks.com or visit his other numerous social media channels online.

Website: http://charlesmattocks.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charlesmattocks1/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/charlesmattocks/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CMattocks1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charles.mattocks.77

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