Saturday, July 2, 2022

Ex-Biden/Harris Aide Symone Sanders’ MSNBC Show Not Attracting Enough Viewers

*Joe Biden is not currently doing so well regarding approval rating, and it seems he rubbed it on his ex-aide Symone Sanders, whose show debuted to low numbers on MSNBC this past weekend. According to Nielsen ratings released after the first show, Sanders only managed to attract 361,000 viewers for her “Symone” show that aired at 4pm (Eastern) last Saturday.

On the advertiser-coveted 25-54 demographic, she only attracted 29,000 viewers. That is way below the 842,000 total viewers and 163,000 in the 25-54 demographic drawn by Fox News Channel’s “Fox News Live.”

One of the personalities featured in Sanders’ new show was First Lady Jill Biden.

The program is scheduled to air at 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. It is billed as one that explores various topics from Congress to pop culture and stories “beyond the Beltway.”

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Symone Sanders (Jill Biden in bgrd)
Symone Sanders – MSNBC

“We’re going to do today’s headlines, but we’re going to go deeper. We’re going to get to the weeds,” she stated.

So will Sanders, 32, use the show to promote Joe Biden’s policies? Last week, she clarified to The Hill’s “In the Know” that she would not use the show as a platform for spreading pro-Biden propaganda.

“I’m not here to be a spokesperson for the Biden administration,” Sanders stated. “I had that job already.”

She added she would be honest, noting that sometimes the honesty means that what she will want to say on her show is not what the administration would have to say.

“And that’s fine because it’s my show,” she said.

The show was first announced in January, some weeks after Sanders left the office of the vice president. Will it prove the naysayers wrong soon by gathering more viewers as it stretches into the future? Time will tell.




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