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Tiffany Cross Had to ‘Battle’ MSNBC Executives Obsessed with Trump

Cross Connection

*Former MSNBC host Tiffany Cross is speaking out about the “constant criticism” she faced from white network executives.  We reported previously via Variety, citing MSNBC sources, that Cross, who hosted the weekend program “The Cross Connection,” was canned in 2022 after her relationship with the network had “becoming frayed” as executives grew “concerned about the […]

Americans Have Trust Issues with CNN and MSNBC: poll

Trust for CNN, MSNBC Split

*In a new poll conducted by YouGov, CNN, MSNBC, and The New York Times rank among the most polarizing media outlets. According to YouGov’s 2023 poll, many Americans no longer trust some of the most trusted brands in news shows, TheWrap reports. This latest poll is a follow-up to The Economist / YouGov poll published […]

Morale at MSNBC Reportedly At All-Time Low After Tiffany Cross Firing

Tiffany Cross fired from MSNBC

*The morale at MSNBC is said to be exceptionally low after Tiffany Cross’ ouster.  “People are scared. The consensus is that [MSNBC president Rashida Jones] is trying to unmake MSNBC and change it into something the right won’t be mad at. What about our core audience?” one insider explained as reported by Page Six. Cross […]

Tiffany Cross Threatened to ‘Take down’ MSNBC Before Firing

Tiffany Cross - Getty

*Tiffany Cross allegedly threatened to “go out in a blaze” and “take down” MSNBC when she learned she was being booted from the cable TV network. We reported previously via Variety, citing MSNBC sources, that Cross’ relationship with the network had “becoming frayed” as executives grew “concerned about the anchor’s willingness to address statements made […]

She’s Gone! Tiffany Cross Dropped from From MSNBC’s Weekend Lineup

Tiffany Cross - MSNBC

*Uh oh, simply put, this ain’t good news if you’re a Tiffany Cross fan. The MSNBC weekend host of “The Cross Connection,” known for her controversial comments, has been shown the door! The bottom line is that Cross and the network are parting ways after her two-year contract was not renewed. Expect a rotating group […]

Zerlina Maxwell is Departing MSNBC After Show Cancellation | VIDEO

Zerlina Maxwell (screenshot)

*Zerlina Maxwell is set to leave MSNBC, according to an announcement she posted on social media earlier this week. Maxwell was one of the first anchors to launch an all-streaming program for the NBCUniversal-backed news outlet. As a precursor of things to come, MSNBC decided to cancel her program last month. This marked some of […]

Ex-Biden/Harris Aide Symone Sanders’ MSNBC Show Not Attracting Enough Viewers

Symone Sanders

*Joe Biden is not currently doing so well regarding approval rating, and it seems he rubbed it on his ex-aide Symone Sanders, whose show debuted to low numbers on MSNBC this past weekend. According to Nielsen ratings released after the first show, Sanders only managed to attract 361,000 viewers for her “Symone” show that aired […]

MSNBC President Rashida Jones Tackles Network’s Internal Struggle

Rashida Jones - NBC News

*The first year of any job can have its share of ups and downs. For Rashida Jones, her new stint as president of MSNBC includes a full slate of challenges, with her on the frontline of an internal struggle that’s added to her network staying solid in a competitive news channel landscape. Caught in the […]