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TruSo, the Ultimate Black-Owned Social Media App – Endorsed by Four Celebs – Sets Juneteenth Launch

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*In the vast, ultra-popular, and ever-evolving world of social media, not many platforms and apps have been created by African American-owned social media companies exclusively for Black people.  TruSo, short for “Truly Social,” is one such company with deep roots in the African Diaspora.

Set to launch on Juneteenth (Sunday, June 19, 2022), TruSo, now in Beta mode, will feature both “audio and visual” capabilities that reportedly will empower Black people socially, educationally, culturally, and professionally.

The new app will feature a content calendar allowing users to communicate with prominent individuals in entertainment, sports, business and finance, social advocacy, and other sectors of importance to empower African Americans.

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Kareem Grimes - Miki Barber - Sway Calloway - Terrell Owens

Kareem Grimes – Miki Barber – Sway Calloway – Terrell OwensStanding behind TruSo as endorsers, investors and spokespersons are four celebrities:  NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens, media mogul Sway Calloway, actor and producer Kareem Grimes, and Olympian Gold track star Miki Barber.

“TruSo is a groundbreaking social media platform that will create a space that’s both community-focused and empowering,” Owens told recently.  “It’s the best of ‘audio and video’ – and an all-inclusive social platform for people who want their time on social media to be well-spent.   In addition to TruSo being a social space for Black people to engage in collaborative and productive conversations, it’s also for Black entrepreneurs, providing them with immediate resources that can help start or grow their businesses.”

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Owens added, “When you think about some of the apps out there, some are not as engaging and don’t effectively create community,” said the six-time Pro Bowler, who holds or shares numerous NFL receiving records.

“When you add the video component to this app, which TruSo does, it’s going to bring people closer together.  It’s one thing to hear somebody, but it’s something different to hear and see somebody.”

According to TruSo’s founder and CEO, Matthew Newman, the social media networking app is poised to welcome millions of social media users seeking a safe networking space that’s truly social, inclusive, and empowering.  Newman said when TruSo launches in the early summer, it will be in step with the virtual-reality space of the metaverse.

TruSo’s top executive is proud that the app, in an unprecedented manner, will be accessible to the more than 360 million deaf and hard of hearing people around the globe.  The app will be available to both Android and iPhone users.

Matthew Newman - screenshot
Matthew Newman – screenshot

“At its core, TruSo is the barbershop, beauty shop, and brainchild of the Black community,” Newman explained.  “We have drawn upon this cultural inspiration to create an online space to continue and advance the conversations that begin in these familiar spaces, and we recognize the unique and profound impact Black culture and content has had on the world throughout generations.  We celebrate these contributions and endeavors to highlight and maximize that impact as a truly inclusive social media platform.”

Newman continued.  “TruSo is designed to empower individuals professionally and financially, with a built-in monetization structure and in-app resource library with more than 100 documents and forms by successful entrepreneurs.  One doesn’t need thousands of followers to monetize on TruSo.  Community-plus members can monetize several ways, one of which is by simply inviting others to subscribe to the platform.”

Newman added that blatant racism on many social media platforms against Black people and communities has affirmed the need for a social networking app created, owned, and managed by Black people for the global African Diaspora.

For Sway Calloway, TruSo being Black-owned and operated was an important factor for his endorsement and investment in the app.

“It’s something special for me to get in on the ground floor of something that I know will be huge,” said Calloway, the legendary music journalist, producer, rapper, and radio host of  ‘Sway in the Morning’ on Sirius XM Shades 45.   “The most attractive thing is that TruSo is Black-owned.  I love that it is created for us…by us. ”

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Calloway continued.  “We are Black people doing great things that will be very beneficial to the Black community,” Calloway said.  “I think for younger Black kids to see that Black people are doing incredible things with social media platform creation and ownership, it’s going to open their minds to want to do something similar if not greater.”

Newman said that TruSo is currently offering opportunities for everyday people to become investors and shareholders in the early stages of the social media networking app.  He said for as little as $117.00 on Tier 1 of TruSo’s five-tier investment levels, individuals can invest and take advantage of equity crowdfunding as an option for potential wealth-building.  According to TruSo investment sources, individuals can invest until April 30, 2022.

“By investing in TruSo, you’re not just investing in a nuanced social media platform, you’re backing a movement for truly genuine and empowering social and professional experiences,” Newman said.  “Think about how the early investors in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have profited based on coming in on the early development of the now huge social media platforms.”

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