Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Kanye’s New Social Media Manager Accused of Calling Trevor Noah a ‘K**n-Baya’ in Instagram Post

Jason Lee - Kanye (YE) West
Jason Lee – Kanye (YE) West

*Kanye West recently tapped popular Instagram blogger Jason Lee, founder of Hollywood Unlocked, to serve as his social media manager and rumor has it that Lee is to blame for the rapper getting temporarily banned on Instagram. 

Lee spoke about joining forces with Ye in an interview with Variety prior to the official announcement. “I think after the interview on Hollywood Unlocked, it was clear that we had an aligned vision for leveling the playing field in media,” Lee says. “Ye voiced a vision for a company he was building, and that media was an arm of that, and he felt I could be an asset.”

Lee made headlines recently when he falsely reported Britain’s Queen Elizabeth was dead. 

West’s online antics have seen him call out everyone from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian to blogger Perez Hilton and comedian D.L. Hughley.” Producers of this year’s Grammy Awards dropped him from the lineup of performers after he referred to “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah as a “Koon-Baya” on Instagram. That post prompted IG to ban him from the platform for 24 hours for violating its policy against bullying and harassment. 

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Ye in mask
Kanye West at his DONDA listening event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on July 22, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.Courtesy of Kevin Mazur for Getty Images / Universal Music Group.

“That word is not in Kanye’s vocabulary,” said one insider who is familiar with his lingo, per SandraRose. According to the report, “the source noted that Jason is known for using the c-word on social media,” the outlet writes. 

Check out some of Lee’s recent tweets below:

Jason Lee - coon tweets

Meanwhile, speaking to his partnership with Ye, Lee shared with Variety, “Ye is a genius — in tech with Stem Player, in product and fashion with Yeezy, Gap and Balenciaga, with Donda Academy and Donda Sports, and in all things culture. My goal is to amplify those stories and inspire the next generation with all that amazing work.”

“But one thing we have in common is the pleasure of independence and ownership,” Lee said. “I also share the confidence that we will be (part of an) imperfect world that expects people to always be perfect.”

Lee believes his Hollywood Unlocked interview with West shows the rapper’s “human” side. 

“The intention I had for him in that interview wasn’t to gaslight him for a headline,” Lee says, “but to allow him space to speak his mind freely. The pickup from that interview was fair and allowed him to be human again.”

Lee also made clear that his new position won’t affect the brand he has spent over a decade building. 

“Hollywood Unlocked is a company I started in 2015 with the purpose of pulling back the veil of the industry and giving fans a closer perspective and access to your favorite stars. This relationship allows for that to become a reality. We will continue to have the voice we have regardless of what he is doing; however, we offer our platform to him to clear the air when he feels he wants to.”

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